Aakash 2 Tablet / UbiSlate 7+, Discussions Of Launching, Delivery Dates Confusions, & Frustration.

Aakash 2 Tablet is going to launch in 2012 or 2013 or March, May, June than August & February, let’s see and let the bridge come.

Me, my brother, sister, my friends, and colleagues all booked the Aakash Tablet 2, through various sources like online booking and through universities. Now everybody is excited, angry and frustrated. Launching dates of Aakash 2 Tablet is changing every month. While booking it had been told that Aakash Tablet will start delivering from the month of March than we thought that it is march ending i.e. Financial Year ending so it may start the delivery in April; but no April, May and June. Recently I came to know through various forums that, is may be delivered in the month of August and some says it’s February 2013.

Let’s hope to be the best and as early as possible. The reason behind the popularity of Aakash 2 Tablet is it’s powerful configuration and the price. Aakash 2 Tablet or UbiSlate 7+, is known as the world’s cheapest Android Tablet with the best specifications.

Some latest highlights of the Aakash 2 specification is as below:
Aakash Tablet 2 will run an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) / Android 3.2; 2GB of flash storage, 256 MB RAM and a 800Mhz of processor.
But I am not sure of it (of this configuration). Because as it took long time to launch, the market competitive specifications with respect to price has been changed.

That’s why I am not sure that the specifications will be the same as planned. Aakash 2 or UbiSlate developers may change the configuration/specifications as per the market competition or even better.

I booked the Aakash Tablet for about 20 persons, because many of them don’t know how & where to book Aakash Tablet online (or don’t know how to operate computers). I am answering to many people every day asking regarding their Tablet delivery.
Latest news is that, the project Aakash 2 has been transferred to IIT Mumbai, and may deliver in August or February 2013. Let’s hope for the best and as early as possible.

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