iPad Mini, Dream Of Buying An “3S” iPad Is Going To Become True. Apple Is Planning For iPad Mini.

If your dream is to buy an Apple iPad, but don’t have budget; then don’t worry Apple is planning to launch a Mini version of the bigger 3S (Slim Sexy Smart) Apple iPad. Your dream / wish will be coming true very soon and that’s too in your budget.

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I become very happy after getting this news. I always wanted to purchase the iPad, for me and my family, but couldn’t; just because of budget. The wish of a cheaper PAD / Tablet is delaying enough i.e Aakash 2 Tablet (UbiSlate 7+) delaying. I purposely use to visit the Electronics Shopping Malls just because to use & see the iPad, kept there for the testing.

It’s really Slim, Sexy, Smarter, Beautiful, and User friendly, Soft in touch; even you can feel uncomfortable to touch & use it Roughly and an Unfriendly way. Really it’s an amazing design. Thanks to Apple for the invention of an iPad.

As My Own Slogan Of “SSS” i.e “3S” / “Triple S” ; means : “Slim, Sexy and Smart”- Himanshu Kumar Singh.

It’s a News News (Source : Techradar). all around the internet that the Apple is planning or you can say; going to launch a mini version of an iPad very soon. It will be cheaper and little smaller. What the mini means to indicate. It will be introduced by the year end may be in ‘October’ or say by ‘December’ just for the Apple lovers and to maintain its dominance of the tablet market.

It is all guessed that the new Mini iPad model will have the screen size between 7”-8” inches (diagonally). It is also being guessed that it may not have the high-definition (HD) screen.

iPad Apple_(thezerolife.com)

There may be a tough competition as the customers have many choices. Already there are many Pads floating in the market like (having different functionality, aesthetics, price & use); Amazon Fire, many Google Android Pads / Tablets and the fresh buzz Microsoft Surface.

It is being guessed that the new Mini iPad may have the price between / closer to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, and Microsoft Surface (price closer to the 7” screen products). Pad Wishers Just wait for a couple of months to see; it is for you ! or not !!!!

We the consumers are going to love the product which will give us a Good Design i.e. my 3S; a Good Price, Plenty of Applications, and No Compromise with the Hardware.

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Just Share/Say what you want say about the iPad roomer or truth, or whatever it may be.- Himanshu Kumar Singh . TZL.