New Vodafone GPRS / 3G Balance Checking Code, Method And More.

New method for Vodafone GPRS usage checking, or How to check the Vodafone GPRS usage, the solution is here in this article. This is an amendment to the vodafone gprs balance checking previous method article. As the previous method of Vodafone GPRS usage / balance checking is not working. All other SMS codes / methods for Vodafone from previous article is working fine, but this is a new method to check many other Vodafone services in a single code / method.

GPRS and  the 3G mobile internet users are increasing day by day in the country (India). Day by day more and more people in India are becoming mobile internet savvy. Every day I use to configure and teach approx. 2-3 people about how to use mobile phone internet, browsing, installing applications from application store etc.

OK fine, This is an Update to my previous article about the Vodafone code and GPRS uses balance checking method. The other Vodafone codes on the previous article may work fine, but the Vodafone GPRS Usage / Balance checking method has been changed now & the previous method for Vodafone GPRS checking is not working anymore.

Here I would like to Quick Update you only about the New Method / Code / Trick for the Vodafone GPRS Usage or Balance Checking or Usage Allowance.

How To Check Vodafone GPRS usage Allowance / GPRS Balance; GPRS Plan checking New Method / Code / Secret / Trick etc.:

* First Type *111# on the mobile phone using Vodafone SIM card, having GPRS activated (not  if want to check other things like My offer, Balance Details, Last Recharge etc.). Type *111# and press Dial, you will get the following options:

Choose Ur language
1. Hindi
2. English

* To choose the required language press the according number Ex. 1 for Hindi and 2 for English. after entering the according number for language selection, go to option (press the option button displayed on your mobile screen or press the call button if no option is available on your mobile screen) and choose Send option. Now you will get the another menu options as follow :

1. My Offer
2. Balance Details
3. last 3 Charges
4. Last 3 Recharges
5. Data Plan
6. Bonus Cards

* After getting above menu select the options as per your requirement or if you only want to check the GPRS account or GPRS Usage or GPRS plan (DATA plan) than press or choose the number 5 (for GPRS data plan) and than go to option and than select / press send / OK. Now the following options will occur on the screen:

1. Active Data Plans
2. Usage Allowance

* Now if you want to check the data plan you are using you should select the option 1, this will give you the details of the data plan you are using; and if you want to check the usage / remaining balance of your current plan you should select the option 2 and press OK or Send.

Here is the result of my own Vodafone data balance available after selecting the option 2 from above:

Mobile Internet 1GB
Balance 510.84 MB Till June 8, 2012 11:59:59 PM
Press # for main Menu.

This way you can check your Vodafone GPRS plan and usage balance and more. For any other requirement feel free to ask in comment till keep reading TheZeroLife.Com Himanshu Kumar Singh.