A Non Technical Article, Must Read The Philosophy Of Life. Are You Living And Enjoying The Life?

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This is not a technical article here, but the reason of posting this is to aware you (My Technical Readers) from the Philosophy Of Life… and also to fulfill and prove the name of our site/blog i.e. TheZeroLife.Com. We Along with the Technology and Science we should not forget the Life.
This article is the crosspost from one of my Blog i.e. http://naturelaws.blogspot.com the name of the article on NatureLaws is “Don’t Sacrifice Enjoy Here And Now” . On Natures Law I use to write the famous Quotes and Philosophy. The Theory Of Life and Enjoyment is as below:

“God never asks any sacrifice from you. How can he ask any sacrifice from you? It is not a market. The paradise is not to be earned. You are not to pay for it.
You have only to learn to enjoy it, thats all. If you know how to enjoy it, right now it is available. You are not to pay for it.

But our whole mind has been trained by economists and politicians. They say you will have to pay.

Sacrifice your childhood in education so that when you are young you can have a beautiful house, a family, respect, a respectable job. You will have to pay for it so sacrifice your childhood so when you are young you have all the pleasures of the world.

Then when you are young your wife says, Make insurance, because the children are growing and they will need. And we will be growing old and old age? What are you going to do? Sacrifice your youth for old age so that in old age you can retire, and comfortably. So you sacrifice your youth for your old age. And then what do you do when you retire?

Now the whole life is gone. Just preparing for something else always. And the more you prepare, the more you become skilful in preparing, thats all. Then you can prepare more.

A man who becomes skillful in preparing is never ready to live. He becomes more ready to prepare, thats all.

Thats how the whole life is missed. And then in the old age they say, Now prepare for the other world. What are you doing ? Pray, meditate, go to the church, temple, or to some other religious places. Now become religious. What are you doing? Death is coming. Prepare for the afterlife.

Now this whole logic is foolish. The childhood sacrificed for youth, the youth sacrificed for old age, the old age sacrificed for after-life. So everything is just a sacrifice. When comes the time to enjoy?
Let me say to you if you want to enjoy, never prepare! If you want to enjoy, enjoy! Do it right now, because there is no other way, no other time, no other life to do it.”
Thats why I use to say “Life’s Like That”… slowly and slowly you will also come to know the meaning of “The Zero Life“.– Himanshu Kumar Singh.
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