How To Install Google Map On Nokia Mobile Phones. A Simple Trick And Enjoy Google Map On Nokia.

Here is a very simple trick or tip about, how to install Google Map on Nokia Mobile phones, mostly Nokia using Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle versions of OS.

Many Google and Nokia fans (fans / lovers of both) are suffering from the war between two technology giants i.e. Google and Nokia. Nobody is thinking about those who loves both Nokia as well as Google. What if I love Google Android but the hardware of Nokia ? Ok, always ‘Hope For The Best’. We should try to take most out of the latest technology.

From long time I was unable to install Google Map on Nokia Mobile Phones . Google was already offering Google maps on the Mobile Phones from the beginning. But from last many months or you can say years I was unable to install Google Map for mobile phones on Nokia Devices (Mobiles Phones).

Yes Nokia also have Nokia Maps for their users (Nokia Mobile Phone users) Like Google Map; both are best at their ends / functionality. Both has different functionalities, Nokia Map has best interface with the Nokia hardware (like Voice Guidance, highly accurate shortest root finding, Distance Finding, Check-in etc.) whereas Google Map has very detailed information and very good satellite maps around the world, Latitude, 3D Dynamic Mapping etc.Gogole_Mobile_Map

Previously I was not even able to download Google Map from the Google Mobile site on my Nokia Mobile Phone, but now we can download the Google Map on the Nokia Mobile Phone (Nokia Belle OS, N8, E7 etc.). Ok Now downloading part is solved, you can download Google Map form google mobile web page / site i.e. .

But now the problem is about the installation and working of Google map on Nokia phones. On some nokia mobile phones you can install Google Map without problem or an issue, but in some cases it can throw you an error message, and if it installs on your set it won’t starts at all… the solution to all above problems are as below.

Solution / Simple Trick to install Google Map on Nokia Mobile phones (N8, E7, Symbian Belle OS):

    • First of all, to download Google Map on your Nokia Mobile Phone visit the Google Mobile site i.e. through your mobile browser, and click on the Map Link to start the download .sis or .sisx file (it will be automatically selected as per your mobile model no.), let it download and save.
    • Now this is the time to install the the .sis/ .sisx file on your mobile phone. here is the trick; the trick is to switch on the Wi Fi connection (you can switch ON WiFi through Nokia Belle dropdown menu) on your mobile phone and start the installation (this is if the google map software on your mobile phone gives you an error while installation, and if it use to install without problem than there is no need to do this step, switch to next step).Nokia_Belle_Dropdown_Menu_Mobile-Data_WiFi_Bluetooth_Silent_Button_(TheZeroLife.Com)
    • If the above all goes well (downloading and installation) than this the time to run the google map on your Nokia Mobile Phone. Previously when I was running the Goole Map on my Nokia Mobile it use to start but after few seconds it was coming out of the application. But when I tried to run Google Map after switching ON the Wi-Fi on Nokia Mobile it worked … So the the trick is to switch ON the Wi-Fi on your Nokia Mobile Phone to the run the Google Map application (on your Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Symbian Belle).

Now enjoy the Google Map on Your Nokia Mobile Phone, using this simple trick..

Suggest Some Mobile Phone Tricks, if you know some; till keep reading TheZeroLife.Com and Experience the Science, Technology and Life .- Himanshu Kumar Singh .