Become Habitual. Share Your Printer To Your Friends/Family/Colleague.. Print From Anywhere In The World.

Method to print from your home printer connected to internet & your computer from around the world, & also can share to any number of your friends, family & colleague; so that they can send the prints to your printer. Using any OS Computer or Mobile Phone.

It always becomes an emergency when such situation occurs. Assume that your friend or any of your family members wants to send you some important / secret hard copy (printed) or some photographs to you or you can say any of them wants to share your printer from distance away / from around the world. What will you do?

The solution is again Google, How can you share your printer among all your friends, family and colleague?Google_Cloud_Print_(TheZeroLife.Com) The solution is Google Cloud Print, even you can the printers of your friends too…. You are going to print the clouds on your printer…  Just Joking !!

But the technology is just like that, the coming future of computing is the Cloud Computing. In Short in the layman terms “ The Cloud is the Place where you can keep your Software, Images, Documents etc. etc.. and even your Computer’s or other hardware information”. And the game starts Here… Every body will be connected to your Cloud and your Cloud will be connected to You, Your Computer, Your Mobile Phone, Fridge, and Your other Hardware etc.. And thus the thus the Information, Computer, and Other Hardware will be accessed…. Don’t worry nothing will happen without your permission.. But can’t say some intelligent people doesn’t have any barrier…  Be Cool !!! and don’t worry… Google provides you highly secured services… or secured login.

Now connecting your printer to the Google Cloud Print so that you can share your printer with your friends, family & Colleagues:

1) First of all if your printer is cloud ready than read and follow the manufactures manual for the setup. One thing you remember that if you have a Cloud ready printer than you won’t need your PC to be kept ON while sharing your printer; just you need to Keep Your Modem or your Internet connection ON and connected to your printer (obviously You will have too keep your printer ON while sharing).

2) Second if you have a Classic or a Regular Printer.

Now start; You first need to connect your printer to your computer (with printer setup/ and driver installed).

3) You will need the Google Chrome browser (Read and Download Google Chrome  Browser) installed on your PC having Windows, Mac, or Linux computer; If you’re using Windows XP, make sure you also have the Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed.

Here I assume that you have a fully functional Printer (Printer Drivers installed), a PC or Laptop (Google Chrome Browser Installed) and a Internet connection; all Connected and Live.

4) Start Google Chrome Browser on your PC / Laptop; Click the wrench  Wrench_Icon_(TheZeroLife.Com)  icon  on the browser toolbar.

Select Settings. than scroll down and click the ‘’Show Advance Setting Link’’. :


Now again Scroll down and see the “Google Cloud Print” section. Click Sign in to Google Cloud Print. :


5) Here now a new window will appear, sign in with your Google Account (Google or Gmail account needed) to enable the Google Cloud Print connector; choose your printer. A printer confirmation message will appear; now click Finish and the printer registration is completed. You’ll see a confirmation that Google Cloud Print has been enabled. you can Click Manage your printers to learn more regarding this. You can print to this printer whenever you’re signed in with the same Google Account .

How To Share Your Printer On The Internet Or Google Cloud Print; with your Friends, Family, Colleagues Or … :

1) First visit the Google Cloud Print Management page Login using your Google Account.

2) Click the Printers on the left side:—–> Select the printer that you want to share:—–> Click the Share button. When you share printers, you’ll share printer names so choose a descriptive name when setting up your printer for the first time as above.

3) A new dialog will appear, enter the Email Address for the person or Google Group you want to share with and Click Share.

4) Your friend will receive an email notification and he or she needs to confirm the shared printer link, and that’s  it !!

How Your Friend / Colleague Will send you the print ? :

1) First of all tell your friend to visit Google Cloud Print Site and Login, and accept the shared printer (if not).

2) Here is a Print Button tell him / her to click, now upload the file (file upload or browse menu) which they wants to send you as a print or want to print. That’s it ! finish.

Look at this simple video from Google, about Google Cloud Print:

Google Cloud Print http://TheZeroLife.Com


This method of sharing your printer is browser (Chrome Browser) based and has cloud technology involved that’s why it doesn’t need any installation and can work with any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux), even you can print or send prints using your mobile phone just by installing Google Cloud Print Application or visiting the Google Cloud Print from the mobile browser in Desktop mode. You can also setup your office/ corporate house to send printing to to each other or at one place.

Enjoy printing from anywhere to anywhere around the world and sharing your printer with your friends, family and colleague. If you will start using you will enjoy and become habitual of it.. If have any discussion please comment and ask.. Till keep experiencing The Science, Technology, and Life. – Himanshu.