Send Anything Free To Nokia Mobile Phones From Your PC Browser; See How To Use Nokia Drop.

You can send anything like Images, Links (Video Link, Nokia App Store Link, Webpage Link, Map Link etc.) , RSS Feeds etc. directly from your PC / Desktop browser to your Nokia Mobile Phone , with the click of a button, and this can be easily done by Nokia Drop, just drag and drop.

Suppose you are surfing the internet and found some interesting image (just like a beautiful girl image on the Facebook, or some gadget image etc.) or in some other case you are reading a article and have no time to complete and wants to read on your mobile phone or on the Go… What you will do to send that Image and the article you completed half.. ?? Ya I know you will send it to Dropbox or will E-mail your self; isn’t it !

Here is a solution for the Nokia Mobile phone users. Nokia Mobile phone users can send the Image, RSS Feed, Nokia OVI Store Link, Webpage Link, Nokia Map Link etc. directly to the their Nokia Mobile Phone (obviously it will need GPRS or 3G connection on the mobile to read or open the link again on the mobile phone).


What is Nokia Drop ?

Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content and notifications to your device from public websites*. Nokia Drop uses Push Notifications, so no cable or Bluetooth connection is needed. Wallpapers and images are sent as links and will be downloaded via the Nokia Drop application, so they must be in the public domain.

Let’s see how to send the Image, Link etc. from your PC browser to your Nokia Mobile Phone directly. :

1) First of all you download the Nokia Drop application on your Nokia Mobile Phone from the Nokia Ovi Store Here  or from Nokia Beta Lab by visiting or Here at Nokia Drop Betalab , and install it.

2) Now open your PC browser (here for example Firefox) and visit, than download and install Chrome or Firefox  extension Or here you can directly Download Nokia Drop Firefox Extension .

3) Now after the installation of the browser plugin you will get a Nokia Drop icon into your browser (at Top Right Corner in Firefox), and now you can download Images, Location, Links, and RSS feeds to your nokia phone, just by dragging it to the Nokia Drop icon.


See how to Drop Images, Links, Feeds etc. to your Nokia Mobile through your browser using Nokia Drop:

  • If you are browsing OVI store on your pc / desktop and want send some Application than:
    –> Click on the sent to mobile button.
  • If you are browsing on your PC / desktop and want to send some Image than :
    –> Right click on the image–> Select Nokia Drop–> Send Image / Send as wallpaper.
  • If you surfing on your desktop and want to send some Link than :
    –>Click on the nokia Drop icon into your Browser.
  • If you are browsing Nokia Map on your Desktop and want to send some land mark to your Mobile phone than :
    –> Click on the Nokia Drop icon.
  • If you want to send the RSS feed from your desktop than :
    –> Right Click on the feed –> Select Nokia Drop–> select Send as feed.
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Ok, fine, enjoy the sending Images, Links, Feeds directly to your Nokia Phone using Nokia Drop. Tell me some of your Tricks for the public, comment and Share this with your Friends and Family.. Know every thing about the Science, Technology, and Life – Himanshu Kumar Singh  .