Did You Turned ON The “Do Not Track”Feature On Firefox Mobile Browser? See How Turn It ON, What Is Tracking.

How To Turn ON The “Do Not Track” feature In Firefox Mobile. Method to Turn Firefox Mobile Browser Tracking Feature ON and OFF. This is because if you don’t want to share your browsing behaviours to the websites and the advertising agencies. If you Turn OFF & ON the the “Do Not Track” feature on the Firefox Mobile Browser, you will not be able to see the specially targeted ads (advertisement), products and services on the website you visit in future.

What Is Website Tracking; And Why Do The Websites You Visit Tracks You ? :

Tracking is the term use to learn / know about the site you visit, your searches, your browsing behaviours, things you like, dislike and purchase. But why do the websites tracks you? Most of the time this is done to show the relevant ads on the sites you visit.

Most Websites track their visitors and record their behaviours just to show the relevant ads; and some websites use to sell this tracked and recorded behaviours to the Advertising Agencies and some times to the other companies too.

Relevant ads means:

These are the ads of the product / services which you liked just before, the ads related to your past search behaviours, to show the product ads which you just purchased last time… etc. etc. It increases the chances of your click / visit to the shown advertisement.

Recently the Firefox has launched the Firefox Browser For Android Mobile Phones and Firefox Browser For the Android Tabs. So here I am considering that you are familiar with the Android Firefox Mobile Browsers and can tweak with the Firefox Mobile Settings.



How To Turn OFF The Tracking, Or How To Turn ON The “Do Not Track” Feature / Setting On The Firefox Mobile Browser :

Turning ON the “Do Not Track” feature means that you don’t want to be tracked or your visits / behaviours / like / dislike / product choice should not be tracked. At the beginning the “Do-not-track” feature is turned off by default.

To turn On the “Do Not Track” feature on the Firefox Mobile Browser:

Tap or Open the main Menu in your Firefox Mobile Browser —-> Go To More —-> Settings (This is the Firefox Setting Screen)—-> Scroll down to the “Privacy & Security” section and Tap / Click “Tell sites not to track me”. That’s It !! Now no Website will come to know about your Visiting Behaviour / Search Terms / Like / Dislike / Shopping / Products etc.

Remember That : Switching OFF tracking will not show the Relevant Ads on the websites you visit (or shows less relevant Ads), like Relevant Products / Relevant Websites etc. as per your last / past behaviours. Kept Tracking Feature ON do not harms your.. but it’s all your privacy and choice.. decide yourself… it’s upto you.

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