Get Free Firefox Android Mobile Browser. Firefox Mobile Download, Features, Guide.

Nothing can be better than this, that the Firefox is Available as a Mobile Web browser On the Android Mobile Phones. This was the most required web browser for the Firefox fans and the huge Google Android Mobile Phone fans and users.

We are going to discuss, How To Free Download and Install the Firefox Mobile Browser on the Android Mobile Phones, Which Android Mobile Phone Supports and the quick list of the Firefox Mobile features. FireFox_On_Mobile_Phone_(TheZeroLife.Com)

FireFox Mobile Browser Features:

  • Firefox Mobile Browser is faster than any other Mobile Browser, it starts and loads page faster.
  • Regularly visiting webpages are made as the shortcuts on the Firefox mobile screen, so that you can visit and choose among your favourite websites and browse faster and quicker. You can browse your favourite sites with minimal or no typing.
  • Firefox Mobile browser Controls your privacy through “Do Not Track Settings” Read more: How To ON Do Not Track In Firefox Mobile Browser.
  • You can easily control your Privacy, Security Settings, Passwords, Cookies, Images and Add-Ons in Firefox Mobile Browser.
  • Firefox android mobile browser gives you the full Web support for HTML5 and Web APIs.
  • You can easily Sync your desktop history, bookmarks and passwords to all your Mobile TAB, and PAD devices and thus gets the excellent browsing experience on mobile on the go.
  • Like Desktop Firefox Browser, you also have the access to the plenty of Plugins and Add-Ons for your Android Firefox Mobile Browser. To read more features of Firefox Android Browser Visit HERE.
  • Copy / Past / Select from the webpages are made easy.

How To Download Firefox Mobile Browser For Android Mobile Phones, TABLETs etc.:


Free Download the Firefox Android Mobile Browser form “Firefox For Mobile”  or you can get it form the Google Play Store for download visit HERE using your Android Mobile Phone or any other Android TABLET or Device etc. after download it will ask you to install, while installing you will be asked to Agree the terms and conditions (press or click “I Agree”) and thus the Firefox on your mobile phone will we installed. Firefox Mobile Installation requires approximately about 16 MB internal storage and 512 MB of RAM.

Firefox for android mobile is compatible with the Android 2.2 and above devices. To check your Android Device, platform or Mobile Phone is supported by Firefox or not Or to know that the Firefox Mobile will work on your device or not visit HERE here is the list of Firefox supported devices.

Some supported Android Device Manufacturers for Firefox Mobile Browsers are HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Arches, Asus, Dell, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, View sonic etc.

But I think that after some months / time you will not need to see the list or check your device for the compatibility, because it will be compatible to all Mobile Devices, TABLET, PAD etc. The Firefox Guys are working hard behind the scene.

For any question to the Firefox Mobile you can Comment below or Visit HERE . To Read the most asked questions about the Firefox Mobile Browser See this Firefox Android FAQ.

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Comment below for any questions and suggestions about the Android Mobile Browser.

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