Let’s Recharge Mobile By SMS, Through ICICI Bank. Methods & Details.

You can recharge your prepaid Mobile Phones in India using SMS, through your ICICI bank. Just send a sms from your mobile phone and recharge a balance talk time into any mobile phone in India.

A new initiative has been taken by the ICICI Bank to recharge your Mobile Phone just by sending a SMS. Already their are many methods to recharge your mobile balance through your ICICI Bank account, for Ex. you can balance recharge to your mobile using the ATM machine; you can balance recharge your mobile phone using the ICICI Bank Mobile Application. All the methods of ICICI bank balance recharging are very well secured, and you won’t need to worry at all.
Here we will discuss How to Recharge Mobile Balance just by sending SMS through ICICI Bank account.

How To Recharge Mobile By SMS Through ICICI Bank Account:

1) Open your mobile Message Application—-> Open New Message (text); type and send SMS message as below:

MTOPUP <Mobile No.> <Operator Name> <Amount> <last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Account No.> to 9222208888.

Mobile No. = The mobile number on which you want to recharge the money (for talk time or GPRS ) balance.

Operator Name = The name of the mobile operator on which you want to recharge the money balance (talk time balance or GPRS balance); Ex. Airtel, Vodafone, Tata DOCOMO etc.ICICI Customer First

Amount = It is the recharge amount in numbers (digit). Don’t recharge with the any arbitrary amount like 5 rs., 12 rs., 31 rs. etc. you should know and only type your operators fixed recharging amount like 50 rs., 100 rs. etc. consult your operator to know the recharge amount or offer amount. Different operators has different recharge
fixed amounts for talk time or GPRS recharge etc.

Last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Acct No. = It is the last 6 digits of ICICI bank account Nos. in numbers (digit) through which you want to recharge your mobile balance or through which you want to deduct the amount.

Here is an example of how to send the sms to recharge any mobile phone in India using ICICI bank account:
Send SMS as below:
MTOPUP <Mobile No.> <Operator Name> <Amount> <Last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Acct No.> to 9222208888.

Example sms: MTOPUP 9********* Vodafone 100 1***** and send it to 9222208888.
Don’t send symbol < or >, at place only put a space as seen in example. In above example 9********* is mobile No. and 1***** is last 6 digit of your ICICI bank account.
And thus the above Vodafone Mobile No. will be recharged with the amount of 100 rs.

2) Another method to Recharge Mobile Through SMS is to first get the MPIN than SMS MTOPUP to 9222208888 and select your options and enter Mobile No. and MPIN.
MPIN is a 4 digit security No. required to approve the payments from your bank.

How To Get MPIN for ICICI Bank Mobile SMS Recharge:

Getting MPIN is a one time process, and there are two methods.
1) First one is to SMS MPIN to 9222208888 and select option 1.
2) Second method to get MPIN is to SMS MTOPUP to 9222208888 and select 0.
You can use any one method from above to get the MPIN.

Now after getting MPIN, how to Recharge By SMS:

Send an SMS—-> MTOPUP from your mobile to 9222208888 and follow the given (requested) steps.
These steps are to 1) select Mobile Operator (sim card company); 2) Enter Mobile number; 3) Enter recharge Amount and; 4) Enter MPIN.

These methods doesn’t need any GPRS or Mobile Internet connection, and can be very useful in an emergency situation; because it can be done using any Handset Type & Model.

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Suppose your Family / Spouse, or Friend / Girlfriend / Boyfriend is out of station and do not have access to any recharge shop etc. but have sufficient money balance in an ICICI Bank account. Remember the above method to recharge mobile balance by just sending a SMS and deduct money through your ICICI Bank account. Keep reading for getting into Science, Technology, and Life- Himanshu Kumar Singh.

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