EasyDrop Chrome DropBox Extension, Makes Your Dropbox Easy, And Fun.

Here I found a very good Dropbox Plugin  for the Google Chrome browser. Drop Box is Fun and Easy to use Cloud storage service. Drop box changed the scenario of the normal internet users. What if you can directly get the access of your all dropbox files and folders from your browser, by just clicking a icon in the toolbar?

If you are using Dropbox and Google Chrome Browser than you must read this article and install the Chrome Dropbox plugin. You can do nearly any thing and store any type of files on the dropbox, Read to know How To Use Dropbox; and to Download DropBox visit HERE.

You can use the Dropbox for the individual storage purpose, to share the files to the friends and family, and also you can use the drop box among your Group / Groups.

If you get a Dropbox plugin for your Google Chrome Browser you can directly access your DropBox account form your Chrome browser just by clicking a Icon. We are talking about the “EasyDrop” Plugin for the Chrome Browser. Easydrop is a free to download and use Dropbox plugin for the Chrome browser.

To download the Dropbox plugin i.e EasyDrop you visit the Google Chrome Store HERE and click on the “Add To Chrome”. After downloading a Easydrop-Dropbox icon will appear at the top right side on to your browser (installing plugin in the google Chrome you don’t need to restart the browser, just after downloading you can start using it).

Click on the Chrome EasyDrop top right icon, and configure your User Name and Password (of course your dropbox UserName & Password).

What you can do with this Dropbox Chrome plugin i.e. EasyDrop ?

    • EasyDrop Chrome extension for dropbox gives access to your Dropbox files.
    • Clicking on the Easydrop icon, you immediately see your Dropbox File Tree / Structure.
    • Clicking on the folder in the Easydrop you can expand the content on the folder.
    • Clicking on the Files or the Files into the Folder you can start downloading the files into the Chrome new window on your computer. Or you can open the file directly into the Google Chrome (new windows).
    • You can get the File Share Link directly from the EasyDrop by clicking on the arrow near the files. You can copy the File Share Link directly form the EasyDrop Extension or you can also “E-Mail The Link” by clicking the button.
    • You can easily See your recent change in Dropbox.

EasyDrop Dropbox Chrome Extentension (TheZeroLife.Com)

Also see Dropbox For Mobile Phones and Windows Sky Drive Mobile Applications. Google Chrome Browser Extension for Dropbox is the EasyDrop, and it is the easiest way to use your dropbox into the browser, using EasyDrop you can download your Dropbox files, Share Links etc. as above. Join and Download the DropBox HERE. Share This To All Your Dropbox Friends And Family For The Easy Use.