Free / Cheapest Camera Bag, Let’s Make DSLR Camera Bag, DIY Tutorial.

Why not make a camera bag yourself? But why to Make It Yourself (Do It Yourself) why not purchase? If you don’t know than I would like to tell you that Camera Bags are too expensive and normal hobbyist can’t afford.

I was just searching to buy a Comfortable, Safe, Nice and Good-looking camera bag for myself, but thought to search once for the Do It Yourself (DIY) Camera Tutorial. Here we would like to suggest you a Camera Bag DIY Tutorial. You can use this Camera Bag / Carrier to keep DSLR or any other delicate cameras.


This Camera Bag Do It Yourself tutorial is very easy to understand, and also easy to make at home. Here in this Camera Bag DIY tutorial you will need some nice, soft, cotton or outdoor canvas, sewing machine, and foam; and the help of your Mom, or ….?? Better to try and do everything yourself. After all it’s a DIY Tutorial.


Material Required for your DIY Camera Bag :

    • 2 pieces of 24″ by 18″ piece of your choice of colour felt or fleece
    • Add 1 piece of 24″ by 18″ canvas/outside fabric if you decide to reinforce yours (recommended)
    • 1/2″ foam
    • About 20″ long piece of Velcro, cut in pieces of 4″ long.
    • Needle, Embroidery floss and scissors


Here the Camera Bag tutorial is having nice Pictorial explanations and Cutting dimensions. We are sure that you will not be lost or make mistake any where while making your own Camera Bag.

Here “Joy Kelley” from, who made this tutorial for you, did all the calculations, explanations and took nice explanatory pictures of DIY Camera Bag making.


Don’t afraid of sewing, it’s very easy. Even I made a Synthesizer Bag myself at the 1/10th cost as compare to the market price. Just start it and it will finish

It’s very simple and easy. If you are interested and want to try to make your own Camera Bag than visit How Joy Ful to learn how to make Camera Bag at Home.

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Comment if any problem or discussion or if you want more Do It Yourself (DIY) articles of your interest. Till Subscribe and keep Experiencing Science, Technology and Life . – Himanshu.

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