Bigger Earning, Bigger Ads From Adsense Ad 300×600.

More and Bigger earning opportunity from Adsense Ads. Adsense is going to start the new Ad size of 300×600. This Adsense Ad will show the bigger Ads on your site and thus will give you a Bigger Revenue.

If you are a Web Developer, Web Publisher, Blogger, Advertiser than this good news is for you, Bigger Ads to Earn Online, Start planning according to the new Adsense Ad 300×600 and start earning more.

It’s a Web Publishers & Advertisers long waiting news and the wish coming true. Adsense Biggest Ads is going to become reality, Adsense is going to introduce and start the Ad unit size of 300×600. As the web contents are becoming more and more graphically richer, internet bandwidths are increasing day by day; thus the Ads should also become more content, graphics richer  and bigger.

The Adsense 300×600 brand friendly Ad unit can give you more revenue per click; because the reason is obvious that the 300×600 ad is going to take more space on your Website or Blog, and that’s why the Ads will be little costlier than the others. Adsense 300 x 600 Ad size will get the highest impression on your Website or Blog.

This 300×600 Adsense Ad size can also be said the Half Page Unit. As Adsense Blog says that, this request is one of the top request from the publishers in the last year.

As this Adsense unit is new, probably you can see a larger number of text ads into it in the present days, but as the time will go and more and more advertisers will become aware it will start to display more Graphically richer ads into it.

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As mentioned by the AdSense there is no date declared for the new AdSense unit of 300 x 600, but I think it would be the Christmas or New Year gift from the Google AdSense to all Publishers and Advertisers. Source : Adsense Blog.

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