Let’s Learn To Make Android Application Google Drive. Tutorial Using Google SDK.


Know to write your First and Simple Google Drive Android Application. Here is a video which will guide you to make your first Google Drive Android Application.

Google Developers presented this live streamed video on 26 Nov 2012 for the Android developers, this is a video guide using Google Drive SDK. Using which you are going to learn how to write your first and simple Android Google Drive application. If you don’t know about google drive than, for instance just know that it’s a Cloud Data Storage free/paid service from google. Where you can store your any type of data through various methods.

If you ever wanted to write or develop an android drive application and don’t know how and where to start, than this video will be very useful to you. This google developers guide started the Android Drive tutorial from very basic, explained the essential steps involved, and ended to a high level, like taking a picture from your Android Mobile and uploading it to the Google Drive Cloud Storage.

Let’s Learn To Know How To Make Your First and Simple Android Drive Application.

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