Science News Articles, Robot Astronaut “Robonaut” Testing.

Science News Articles: This is the Current Science News and image from NASA, about the Robonaut, and this can also be an interesting News Article For Kids. NASA in the International Space Station’s Destiny laboratory is experimenting with the Robot Astronaut. Robonaut is nothing but the Robot and the Astronaut, or you can say that the Robonaut is the Robot Astronaut in the space. See the Image of Robonaut below.

Robonaut Operates_Task_Board_in_Space_NASA_Image_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Robonaut Operates Task Board in Space; Photo Credit: NASA.

Here in the above picture you can see the Robonaut working in the International Space Station Destiny Laboratory. NASA published this current science news on the Nasa website, and the picture is taken on January 2nd 2013.

NASA is testing the first Humanoid in the Space. In the above picture of Humanoid you can see the Robot Astronaut working similar like a human astronaut. If this project get success than this will be a great success for the entire human beings. As we can replace our human astronauts by robots, and thus we can reduce the human risk in the dangerous space missions.

The main plus point with the Robot Astronauts / Robonaut is that, it doesn’t require oxygen supply for the breathing like humans, thus robot astronauts can complete biggest and very long missions without any oxygen cylinder, Robonaut doesn’t have any emotions like me and you, and have no relatives on the earth to miss.

If we start using robot astronauts like ‘Robonaut’, we can complete more big, dangerous and impossible space missions in the future, with no fear of loosing any of our important human astronauts. Obviously for the benefit of Me & You or say Humans.

In the International Space Station’s Destiny laboratory, during a round of testing for the first humanoid robot i.e. ‘Robonaut’ in space. Ground teams put Robonaut through its paces as they remotely commanded it to operate valves on a task board.

Robonaut is a testbed for exploring new robotic capabilities in space, and its form and dexterity allow it to use the same tools and control panels as its human counterparts do aboard the station.

I wish to complete this project as early and safely as possible. To download the above image visit NASA Image.

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