Physics For Kids, Learn Newton’s Third Law Of Motion; Through An Easy Science Experiments For Kids.

‘Physics for Kids’ is all about the kids. Today we are going to learn the Newton’s Third Law Of Motion using very easy science experiments. These are the Easy Science Experiments For Kids, which is going to help the kids to increase their knowledge about Physics in amazingly simple ways and with an interesting examples.

Teaching Physics for Kids, Newton’s 3rd Law Of Motion.

The article below is about the Newton’s third law of motion. Article explains the mechanism of Newton’s third law  with simple and an interesting examples. These are an easy science experiments for kids which can be done without any harm.

Statement of Newton’s third law of motion for kids : Newton’s third law of motion states that “Every action has equal and opposite reactions”.

The literal meaning of the above statement is that, when we perform any kind of action over a body, the body also reacts to that action with same intensity. To make more specific when we push a kind of heavy object the backward forced is experienced on our body. This backward force is nothing but the reaction of the action made by the person who pushes the object.


1) The best example of this law is, when a balloon filled with air is released with its mouth open the balloon moves upward with a force. The reason behind this is nothing but the reaction of the force generated while air is being released from the balloon at high speed.

Below video will teach the Newton’s 3rd Law can also be the Cool & Good Science Fair Projects for Kids :

The force at which air releases from the balloon is equal to the force by which balloon moves upwards. This example is the most simple example to show that every action has equal and opposite reaction.


2) Imagine if two persons named as ‘A’ and ‘B’ wearing skates pushes each other. Let Person A exerts force F(a) on Person B and Person B exerts force F(b) on Person A. According to the Newton’s third law of motion the forces by both the person is equal and opposite i.e. F(a)=-F(b).

Teaching Physics For Kids, Learn Newton’s Third Law, Also a Good Science Fair Projects For Kids in the below video :

The Newton’s third law of motion is brought in to application every day, for example – while walking on the road person pushes against the road as well as the road pushes back against the person, while swimming person pushes water backward while water pushes the person forward.Physice_For_Kids_Hammer_Nail_(TheZeroLife.Com)

3) While hammering a nail, the obvious action is that the nail is forced into the wood. But the nail also reacts over the hammer with same intensity of force, this pushes the hammer backward which avoid the hammer to smack the piece of wood.

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Science Dictionary For Kids / Important Words / Definitions :

Newton’s first Law Of Motion : – An object in motion tends to remain in motion, and an object at rest tends to remain at rest.

Newton’s Second Law Of Motion : – Force equals mass times acceleration.

Mass : – Mass is a measure of the number of atoms in an object combined with the density of those atoms. Usually people measure mass in kilograms.

Acceleration : – Acceleration is how much your speed changes in a certain amount of time.

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