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We are aimed to educate and present Science Articles For Kids, and that’s why we use to collect the various Science Articles For Kids and presenting Physics For Kids in a simple and easy way. Today we are going to have a little discussion about the Black Holes with the kids.

Some terms are very easily known among the elders but this science and physics is very hard to explain to our kids. Theory of Black Hole is not an easy science experiments for kids, but the kids can include it into a Cool Science Fair Projects. By making a explanation chart, showing the videos on a projector and printing the photographs, kids can explain the Black Hole Physics to the visitors, or into a Science Exhibitions.

Black Holes Physics For Kids:

Black Hole is one of the interesting topics of Space Science. There are many theories over black hole, each of those found to be different and some similar too. The research on Black Holes is still in progress. Kids will get the very basic knowledge of this science in this Science Articles For Kids i.e.  what is Black Hole?

According to the Astronomers a Black Hole is a region in Space in which large amount of Mass is concentrated in small area. Due to this high concentration of mass in a small area the amount of gravity in the Black Hole is at such extent that it does not allow anything to pass outside it, not even Light; and attracts every thing into it. You can also say that to escape from the Black Hole the speed required should be more than the speed of light.


It is also been said that Black Hole has the ability to pull any kind of object that comes into the path of it. Black holes even pulls in the planets, stars, comets, etc. or what every you can think which can come in its way. It is still unknown that where the objects goes when it is pulled inside by the Black Hole. Isn’t dangerous? What do you say….?

It is been said that Black Holes are generated after the Super Nova, or you can also say that Black Holes are generated when a Star Dies. In simple terms when a Star Dies it becomes Black Holes. The Black Hole can be as large as a Star. It is also been said that Black Holes can also be very tiny in size, but there is no proof of it and a definite and a last or final statement. Such tiny Black Holes are also known as Micro-Black Holes.
According to the Astronomers Black Holes can be any where, where ever a Star Dies. The most important fact of Black Holes is, till now no one has ever seen a Black Hole. There is no eye-witness of Black Hole, but the guess (calculations using larger equations by scientists) can be done as per its property, and due to the missing planets, and comets around something invisible.

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One thing you kids must know about the Black Hole is that, Black Hole is Not BLACK in colour. Not even the light reflection comes out, so we aren’t able to see any thing at the place, and thus we says it the Black Hole. But it is called Black Hole because it eats, swell every thing coming near to it even light. …. it has tremendous, tremendous gravity or you can say attraction power.

Also remember that Black Hole is not a Hole. But yes it can be said hole because nothing comes out of it. It seems like a Big Well; everything going inside but nothing coming out of it (from the other end). so it is called a Hole. From every side it is only attracting and attracting tremendously.

Science Dictionary For Kids : –

These are the used words in the article above, short meaning and definitions.

Space : – Space is limitless three-dimensional extent in which object exist and event occurs and have relative position and direction. In simple words, at night what you see in the sky having millions of stars can be said Space.

Supernova : – Super Nova is a stellar explosion which is very energetic. It is extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation which may shine entire galaxy. Or in simple words you can say Supernova is a explosion of a Star.

Galaxy : – Galaxies are the massive, gravitationally bound systems consisting stars systems, Planets, Gas, Dust, etc.

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Have you ever thought that “What Happen If You Fall Into The Black Hole” here is the little explanation by the “IanScience_Articles_For_Kids_Physics_For_Kids_Black_Hole_(TheZeroLife.Com) Morison”. Just you remember that you will be stretched like never before. Your end towards the Black Hole will be at the higher gravity than the end away from the Black Hole. You will be stretched so long that you can’t imagine, and will get dissolved into the Black Hole  within a fraction of second.

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