New Scientific Discovery Of Microneedle Injection Will Make You, Kids And Doctors Smile.


A new scientific discovery has been done by the Researchers at King’s College, London, this recent science article of the new scientific discovery will make trips to the doctor painless, fearless, and especially children / kids will not hate to the doctors.

This is the solution of a very painful problem of our life, nearly all most all people and kids went to the doctor in their life sometime. Many of us even have the fear or you can say the phobia of the conventional injections with needle and syringe. Really it’s very painful and I always use to say to the doctor “Please don’t give me an injection, and at the place of an injection give or prescribe me some tablets or capsules”. Nearly this is the story of an every mother, dad, kids and people going to the doctor, and having fear for the needle injection. Those new scientific discoveries are the best which makes the human smile

Researchers at the King’s college London have made a new discovery in this regard. Dr. Linda Klavinskis, PhD, Sr. Lecturer, Immunobiology, who has been part of the team that developed this technology of a painless injection.

What Is The Micro Injection And How This New Scientific Discovery Microneedle Array Works :

This new invention consists of the microneedle array, which looks like the tiny disk very similar to the eye contact lenses. This microneedle array disk contains microneedles at one side and a flat surface at the other side.

This microneedle array disk / injection is having very short length approx. 1mm in length. This microneedle array is made of a type of sugar i.e. sucrose and lactose, and also contains the biodegradable polymer, which gives the needles strength. These needles are very sharp and short.

The needles in this is nothing but the dried sugar needles containing the vaccine. As these are very short and sharp it penetrates very shallow. After penetration the microneedles get dissolved into the body, as dried sugar needles contain the vaccine, here in this no liquid vaccines at all .


Injecting this microneedle injection array is very easy and painless, just applying a light pressure at the flat surface of the disk microneedles enters into the skin (outer surface of the skin, as it is just having 1 mm length) of the patient and after approx. 5 minutes, the needles get dissolved into the body and thus the vaccine is then picked up by the specialized immune cells in the skin called dendritic cells, and starts working accordingly.

“The collaborators at the TheraJect who provided the silicone molds fabricated the microneedle arrays, are also using this technology to deliver anti-aging cosmetics to the skin and also for delivery of local anaesthetics and, triptan, a drug for migraine treatment”.

How Newly Invented Micro-needle injection is different than the conventional injections, What is the comparison? :


    • Conventional Injection needs Long Needles and a Syringe, Where as the Microneedle Injection doesn’t need Syringe and Needles are very tiny of approx 1mm length, needles are very sharp and short
    • Conventional Injection needs a liquid vaccine but in this new invention sugar needles containing the vaccine. After penetration the microneedles get dissolved into the body, as dried sugar needles contain the vaccine, here is no liquid vaccines at all.
    • Microneedles penetrates very shallow, can’t hurt and give pain, whereas the conventional injection is very painful and also needs to be inserted deep into the muscles / skin.
    • Conventional Injection creates phobia, fear, and pain. But in the microneedle array injection there will be none of these at all.
    • Conventional Injection needs a trained health care or medical person for the administration and maintenance, storage of the vaccines. Microneedle needs no special storage condition as it remains stable at the room temperature. Microneedle arrays could be self-administered without specialist trained healthcare staff in rural and resource-limited areas.
    • Conventional injection needs specialist for the injection, if not injected properly can lead to other diseases swelling and infection, here no specialist needed to give the injection and there is no chance of long needle hurting to any other part of the body like bones etc.
    • Microneedle injection will not be the 100% replacement for the conventional injection at many places, like taking blood etc.


Micro needle injections still in the discovery mode and need foolproof clinical trials and successful filing of all the clinical documentation like safety studies and results of vaccine effectiveness. Microneedle vaccines could be self-administered but the national regulatory authorities will decide who can administer this type of vaccine in the future.

Really this new scientific discovery is the solution for many people including kids, moms, dads and including doctors. Article Ref : Kings College London .

See the explanation video of this New Scientific Discovery of Microneedle from Kings College London :

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