New Green Technology Of Taking Energy From Coal, Without Burning. A New Scientific Discovery.

This newest invention article we found on the site of Ohio State University. This is regarding the new green coal technology that harnesses the energy of coal chemically, without burning it, its a new scientific discovery.

This new green technology research and the experiment is successfully done by the Ohio State University, engineers. This new scientific discovery is going to solve our very old problem of coal power generators and environment. From last many years we are burning the natural coal and heating or can say boiling the water and using this we use to rotate the turbines and thus generating the electricity for our use.

Here using this new green technology, we can take out the energy through a chemical reaction from the coal without burning it and the harmful carbon dioxide is not released into the atmosphere, it is accumulated inside the reactor.

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The Ohio State University

This new green technology is known as the “CDCL (Coal-Direct Chemical Looping)”. Liang-Shih Fan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and director of Ohio State’s Clean Coal Research Laboratory pioneered this newest invention in the field of coal burning and power generation.

As we know that In the combustion is a chemical reaction that consumes oxygen and produces heat.

Liang-Shih Fan said :
“Unfortunately, it also produces carbon dioxide, which is difficult to capture and bad for the environment. So we found a way to release the heat without burning. We carefully control the chemical reaction so that the coal never burns—it is consumed chemically, and the carbon dioxide is entirely contained inside the reactor.”

Dawei Wang, a research associate and one of the group’s team leaders said :

“The commercial-scale CDCL plant could really promote our energy independence. Not only can we use America’s natural resources such as Ohio coal, but we can keep our air clean and spur the economy with jobs”

As it is a chemical reaction that’s why it can be precisely controlled. Our science has already learned to control the biggest chemical reactions, as we use to control the nuclear fusion etc. in the nuclear plants, very precisely.

No other lab has continuously operated a coal-direct chemical looping unit as long as the Ohio State lab.
Lab successfully operated this experiment in the lab. Also fuel has been successfully studied in a second sub-pilot research-scale unit, using a similar process called Syngas Chemical Looping (SCL). Both units Ohio State’s Columbus campus, and each is contained in a 25-foot-high insulated metal cylinder.

What is CDCL And How Coal Energy Can Be Taken Without Burning, How  This New Green Technology Works :


CDCL is known as the “Coal-Direct Chemical Looping” used to take out the energy from coal without burning.
The process as described by the Ohio State University website is :
“For CDCL, the fuel is coal that’s been ground into a powder, and the metal beads are made of iron oxide composites. The coal particles are about 100 micrometers across—about the diameter of a human hair—and the iron beads are larger, about 1.5-2 millimeters across.

The coal and iron oxide are heated to high temperatures, where the materials react with each other. Carbon from the coal binds with the oxygen from the iron oxide and creates carbon dioxide, which rises into a chamber where it is captured. Hot iron and coal ash are left behind. Because the iron beads are so much bigger than the coal ash, they are easily separated out of the ash, and delivered to a chamber where the heat energy would normally be harnessed for electricity.”

The DOE funded this research, and collaborating companies include Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.; CONSOL Energy, Inc.; and Clear Skies Consulting, LLC. Source :

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