Colourful Image Of The Mercury Form Nasa, Science News Image Article.


As usual we use to write science articles for kids, elders and hobbyists. We at TheZeroLife.Com are educating, presenting science in simplified language to the people and generating interest into the science and technology. Today this Science News Article is about the Nasa’s colourful image of the mercury…

We are also publishing scientific images time to time from various genuine sources like Nasa and other science research centres on TheZeroLife.Com .

Today’s Current Science News Image is from Nasa it is of our neighbour planet Mercury. We are sure that you never saw such colourful image of the Mercury.

Don’t be misguided about the image that you can see this image through your naked eyes or using any telescope. Yes this is not the Mercury image what you can see through your naked eye or using any telescope.

This colourful image of the planet Mercury was generated using image from the colour base imaging campaign during Messenger’s primary mission. These different colours shows the different chemical compounds or elements, also shows different minerals found on the surface of Mercury. These colours also represents the differences between the rocks and the surface.

You can also see the different craters on the surface of the Mercury, this is the colours of the innermost planet Mercury.

Download study, enjoy and Share this Image among your friends and family, get this Nasa Image Here. By- Himanshu Kumar Singh .