Pebble Smart Wrist Watch Is The Newer Technology Gadget Of 2013.

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This year a new technology gadget has born. One of the new technology of 2013 is a wrist watch; which is not going to show only the time but can help you in your business and has the power to make you more smarter.

Today in this technology news article we are going to discuss the Pebble E-paper Smart Wrist Watch. The new technology gadget of 2013 is nothing but an E-Paper wrist watch named as the Pebble wrist watch. It is one of a new kind of a smart watch. This watch is little more smarter than your regular watch, so this can be said a Smart Watch. The working and the features of the watch satisfies the meaning of smart watch. Let’s see..

Beside showing only time to you it is also going to be a part of your smart phone having Android and an iPhone. It is an E-paper wrist watch from Pebble Technology, this watch is funded by raising money through a crowd funding site “Kickstarter”. This crowed funding proved that if you have an idea to change the technology and the idea which can change the life will definitely get the public support and fund. Yes, you can also raise the fund if you have such an idea which can make the difference, thus you can also make or bring your idea in physical form and become millionaire over night. Read More Detailed Technical Specifications Of Pebble Wrist Watch Gadget For Men.

What this new smart watch technology gadget of 2013 have in different?

This electronics e-Paper watch looks like a regular watch but have a little more stylish look. This new smart watch is a newer technology having the capability of synchronise with your smart phone having Android and iPhone. What if you don’t have any of this smart phone i.e. android or iPhone ? You can still use this Pebble Smart Watch as an individual computing device. It has GPS, and computing unit which can perform many independent tasks. Can be used as a Golf Range Finder, Speed Calculator etc.


You can download and install the applications (Pebble Application) in this watch just like your smart cellphone and thus you can sync your watch with your cellphone. You can get the SMS alerts and E-Mails just into your wrist watch, as soon as you receive any text message or an e-mail it pop up into your pebble watch. How nice ! No need to finger your cell phone every time..

It also plays / changes music on your smart phone, and vibrates if somebody tries to reach you on your phone. Now there is no need to keep your phone always in your pocket or in your hand; now you can keep this massive microwave transmitter away from your body. This wrist watch and your phone are connected using the Bluetooth, so as long as your phone is in the Bluetooth range it will keep synchronising and gives the alert of everything from your phone directly into your wrist. The display is about 144 × 168 pixels, and having 4 buttons on it, as the display is of e-paper it consumes very very less power, and thus the battery last longer (it has rechargeable cell).

The Pebble watch is scratch resistant and waterproof, so it is not needed to remove it from your wrist if you want to help your wife / husband or mother for washing dishes, Oh ! You can take a bath too.

Read Technical Spec Of Pebble E- Paper Wrist Watch.

Me? Yes I am definitely going to have this new technology gadget wrist watch for me. But I think very soon many other players will also introduce such or similar newer technology in the year 2013. Let’s see …


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