Interact, Learn & Explore With Nasa Spacecraft Application- Newer Technology.

This science article is for kids as well as for elders, it’s about the 3D Augmented Reality applications using which you can interact with the variety of spacecrafts, and explore the universe. This is the newer and the latest technology from the NASA.

Previously as a public we were not being able to know and explore any missions organised or run by the scientific research centres or organisations like NASA. But due to the latest technology enhancements we can now learn, interact, and explore many missions like scientists.

Smartphone_Application_ Spacecraft_3D_NASA_Augmented_Reality_Newer_Technology_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Recently NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute Of Technology made an amazing application of a 3D Augmented Reality using this we can learn, interact and explore with the variety of spacecrafts like a scientist or as a space engineer. Spacecrafts are used to explore our solar system, other planets, earth and our universe.

Using this NASA’s Space 3D augmented reality, we can feel like controlling the robotic explorers our self and also we can see what these robotic explorers like Curiosity on the surface of Mars in looking.


This AR (Augmented Reality) uses your Smartphone device camera or tablet camera and makes you closer with this space explorers or the robotic explorers. The application will we updated time to time to add more such Spacecrafts, and will be able to give us more details of the missions on a planet or in the space and feel of the scientists and space engineers. Spacecraft_Curiosity_3D_NASA_Augmented_Reality_Newer_Technology_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Kids and elders can explore, interact and learn the international science and technology missions themselves and thus can see what these robots see on the planet Mars and at the other places in the universe. You can directly view through the eyes (Camera) of the Curiosity Robot on the Mars, and many such unknown and amazing things in the universe.

You can download this NASA’s Space 3D augmented reality application into your smartphone and start exploring the universe Download on Google Play Here. Remember that this application requires a camera on your cellphone.

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Robot Astronaut “Robonaut” Testing.

At present using this 3D Augmented Reality application you can explore through many spacecraft; some of them are Curiosity (Exploring on Mars), GRAIL (At the Moon), Cassini (At Saturn), Voyager, Dawn, Juno, and Hubble etc. and many will be added in the future time to time in the updates.

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