More Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones Will Be Seen As Earth’s Temperature Is Rising – Recent Science News Article.

This is the current science news article about the research done by the group of scientists, which says that the power or the strength of Hurricanes or Typhoons or say Cyclones are increasing day by day because of the earth’s temperature.

New scientific research has been done by the group of international researchers at Beijing Normal University. The published recent science article says that; the strength and the frequency of Hurricanes are also known as the Cyclones and Typhoons in the different places or the parts of the world are directly related to the increasing temperature of the earth. This is the relation of Global Warming with the Hurricanes. Do you know that, We are the only responsible and the creators of these names. Research organisations like NASA is organising many science current events for kids to educate them even the newer technology is so advanced that we can experience the space crafts on earth, but what about the earth?

Scientists found that these good and big names are getting their strengths from the rise in temperature of our earth. We each and every individual human is only trying to pollute the earth in all respect… and most probably the pollution is in the form of Carbon Dioxide i.e. CO2.

The exhale and inhale is a different phenomena and this much our Mother Nature can understand and tolerate for their children.
But we are doing more and more excess than that…
We are polluting.. We are polluting our Mother Earth.. and the punishment names are Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons. And this is not the story but these has been proved by our Scientists (the only intelligent human on the earth).


Scientists found that at every degree (1°C) rise in the earth temperature the number (frequency of occurrence) and the strength of the Hurricanes increases twofold to sevenfold.
It means that the Hurricanes strength is directly proportional to the temperature. More temperature, more evaporation of the ocean water and this is nothing but the fuel to the disaster that is Hurricanes or Cyclones or Typhoons.

Day by day or year by year the news about the Hurricanes like Katrina will increase, and we will witness the worst kinds of storms in the history of our earth… if we will alive. More and more coastal areas will be affected from this is natural. Visit the Beijing Normal University Site Here.

The pattern how we are heating / warming our earth, could increase the frequency of such hurricanes and deadly storms by 700 %. These deadly storms or hurricanes will affect the coastline and the Atlantic Ocean.

The strict steps and precautions taken now to protect our environment from pollution and maintain our earth’s temperature normal, will show the effects of it after some 50 – 100 years.. So we need to act faster and earlier….

The time has come to get precautions. Otherwise we will keep no place safe for our children and in future they will just blame all of us for the same. Would you love and like to see your children and generation dying because of heavy pollution, temperature, and hurricanes ? Share, Think and Act. By – Himanshu Kumar Singh.