Google Reader Is Closing And Feedly.Com Is Alternative To It. – Newer Technology News Article.

The one and only technology news and articles on the internet these days are about the shutting down or closing of the Google Reader and Feedly.Com as the alternative.

The News about the Google Reader is that ‘ It will shut down on the 1 July 2013 ‘. So if you are a fan or the Google Reader user than probably you will miss your Feeds Subscriptions, which you have been subscribed in this long journey with the Google Reader. Google is allowing and giving you the Backup of your Google Reader Account to be used for/in the other feed readers services; so that you can’t miss your feed subscriptions of your interest and enjoy your reading.

Everywhere it is all about the top 5 and top 10 and so on alternatives of the big Google Reader. Personally for me the Google Reader is a Life Line, and hope it will be same for many other Google lovers and internet readers (people loves reading recent and fresh articles on the internet)…

I don’t know and can’t tell you the reason of shutting down or the closing of the Big Google Reader Service. We are quite small in front of the Google and its services, even we can’t imagine what is the Google’s strategy and what google thinks about the closing of any services..

Just we can say that the Big organisation like Google thinks differently.. So accept the things what’s going on … and if you don’t want to accept than Start the same service of your own and serve the world… Will You ?

The Feedly is coming out as the best alternative and the close alternative of the Google Reader.
I also joined the Feedly and learning to get maximum from it. So it’s the time for you to Signup or Login to the Feedly.Com Feed Reading service to fill the place of feed reading in your life, and start enjoy your life as you was enjoying with the Google Reader.

Feedly also reported that more than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly after the news. Feedly is also trying its best to serve the Big Bro’s (Google Reader’s) clients as the expectations of Google’s users will be obviously higher. Feedly reported that they have increased their bandwidth 10 times more for the better service.
Also their main priority will be to keep the servers up as much as possible. These all efforts they are doing to keep the new clientele happy, and to earn the loyalty.

Share this technology news with your family and friends… Keep in touch to know all about the Feedly, it’s secrets, tips and tricks. By – Himanshu Kumar Singh.