Must Know Google Reader Alternative Feedly How To Use, Properties And Tips – Newer Technology.

Everybody is shifting from Google Reader to Feedly, just because Google Reader will close after 1 July 2013. You can see this Technology News Article in the internet every where; although it is not a newer technology. Here we are collecting the properties, benefits and how to use Feedly with its full functionality like G Reader, just have a look. Google Reader has billions of users worldwide but still it’s going to close. We discussed about the Google Reader Closing & It’s Alternative Feedly, in our Technology News Article. I am unable to figure out the exact reason of it, just I can say that “Big people thinks differently, that we can’t understand”. Tell us “What do you thing ? What can be the reason behind closing of G Reader ? Any Guess ? Give your opinion in comment. Feedly is the nearest clone of the Google Reader that’s why the G Reader users are migrating to Feedly.Com and feeling not new, astonished, wretched or miserable while using feedly. But you can if you don’t know some Feedly terms and feedly synonyms for G Reader. Let’s see some important feedly properties and the terms used. Knowing this you will be able to utilise the Feedly.Com in it’s full efficiency.

    • Import All Feed Subscriptions From G Reader To Feedly, Automatically.

I consider that you are shifting for Google Reader, so here the most useful feature is that you can import all your feeds directly and automatically from the Feedly. All the G Reader folders and feeds will be copied to your Feedly. Just give it your G Reader Login ID.

  • You can Drag – Drop the feeds into the different folders. Collection into the folder is made easy in Feedly.
  • You can very easily Tweet and Facebook the Feed and the Text directly from the Feedly feed or article page. As soon as you select the text a Drop – Down menu opens and here you can choose to Tweet and many other options.
  • You can also configure the viewing / reading options into the Feedly like Magazines, Titles, Timeline, Mosaic, Cards and Fullview.
  • In Feedly “Save For Later” Is Google Reader’s “Stared Items”. I am sure that you are using the “Star” or “Star This” feature of G Reader, so you will miss it here ? No, Not at all. This Star feature of G Reader is under “Save For Later”. So where ever you see “Save For Later” in feedly use it as the “Starred Item” of G Reader.
  • You can search the Articles or Say Feeds by using the Keywords from the search window in Feedly.
  • You can access all the records of your reading into the Feedly. Feedly keeps the History and the Log of all your readings and the feeds.
  • Tagging is made easy in feedly, you can Tag with the similar / different names to your Feeds, Articles, or Stories.
  • You can also see what your facebook friends are reading into Feedly.. Little dangerous and funny isn’t it ? Don’t worry you can control this feature as per your requirement. You can connect your Feedly account with Facebook.

Ok, I think it’s enough for the Feedly introductions and collections of some features. And more important is that your are more Smarter… Isn’t ? I would like to listen more Feedly Tips and Tricks from You here below in the comment. Also don’t forget to Tell us : – “What do you thing ? What can be the reason behind closing of G Reader ? Any Guess ? Give your opinion in comment. Share these features of Feedly with your Family and Friends and Show your Love and Knowledge. See you Soon.. By – Himanshu Kumar Singh.