NFC Technology Benefits & Uses To Your Daily Life.

NFC means the “Near Field Communication” and the NFC Technology is the future of Small Range Communication or Data transmission. Let’s see the benefits and the uses of NFC to our daily life.

First you should understand that What Is The NFC Technology  and what are the aspects it is covering technically. At first sight NFC looks very similar to the Bluetooth technology, but it is not very similar to it. Know the Difference Between The Bluetooth And The NFC Technology.

It seems that NFC will be the future of our low range and low power data communication. NFC is cheaper, easy to mount (install) and even it can work without power or you can say battery. NFC (Near Field Communication) is not the newer technology as per it’s invention, but still you can say NFC as a newer technology. NFC technology is the clone or can say very similar to the RFID sensors / system; that’s why it can be used in both ways say Passive and Active (whit and without power supply) . Here you can read the Properties and the Specifications of NFC Technology in detail.

See the sectors and places where the NFC Technology will affect our daily life :

Home Uses Of NFC Technology

Yes you can use NFC at your home and offices. At home you can use NFC for the automatic door opening system. You can use your phone NFC to alert or tell your own security systems at home or office about your presence and program them to behave accordingly.

You can provide your employee the NFC ID cards to allow them the access to a restricted areas and thus keep the record of IN and OUT. etc.

Many such home projects can be made if you are an electronics hobbyists or expert. Few such home projects I can suggest are : Whenever you are present at your door security system (as sensed by NFC reader) you can program to ON you Air Conditioner and only set your own specific temperature; also can program to play your own choice of music by sensing your presence etc.

Shopping Use Of NFC Technology


You can definitely use your NFC enabled mobile phone to transfer Mobile Money to the shopkeeper, just by a touch or a tap of your mobile phone / cellphone. The money transferring using your NFC technology enabled smart cellphone is very very secure and hassle free.

Hardware Access Using NFC Technology


You can program or in future such device will come in the market using which you can “hardware lock or unlock” your device using NFC Tags or NFC enabled Cellphones. Ex. Your Laptop will only get ON, whenever you will touch your NFC enabled Cellphone / Mobile phone to it.

Configuring your devices such as Routers, Wireless headphones etc. just by a touch of your NFC tag.

Use Of NFC Technology Into Transportation


Public transportation systems like Metro Trains and Public Buses can use the NFC technology and get benefited. The use of NFC into such public transportation systems can give monetary benefits to the Government bodies and public as well and solve the queuing and crowding problems for ticketing.

Each entry and exit gates at the train or bus can have a NFC reader and the passenger will have to only touch their NFC enabled mobile phone / cellphone or the Smart Card having NFC into it for the fare as per distance to be deducted.

Data Transferring using NFC Technology


Using NFC technology one can transfer the data from one Mobile Phone to other without pairing but just Tapping or Touching to each other. Yes NFC need not to search the device & pair just like Bluetooth.

Use Of NFC Into Coupons and Gifts


Using this technology shopkeeper  or shopping mall can transfer some short of Gift or Coupon or Offers to the particular customers and the Offer can be availed by the touch of your cellphone at the shopping centre.

In future we will see many such explained and new uses of NFC technology. Just like bluetooth it will be found in each and every cellphones of the future. There are lots of uses of NFC technology is to be discovered and explored. Just understand What is NFC Technology It’s Properties & Specifications.

Inform us if you find or know any other uses or the benefits of NFC technology in our daily life.

Share this knowledge / information of the NFC technology uses and it’s benefits to your daily life, with your FRIENDS and FAMILY. By – Himanshu Kumar Singh.