Time Magazine Top 100 Most Influential People On Earth Includes 3 Scientist Form JPL – Science News Article.

The Time Magazine list of top 100 Most Influential People included the 3 scientist form the JPL is the Current Science News in the world of science.

The 2013 list of 100 most Influential people in the world includes the three scientists from the Nasa JPL. Its the proud and takes the whole life; and devotion in your profession, in the Humanity, and to the work what you are doing, to include your name in the list of top 100 most influential people of the world.

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The top 100 most influential people list includes nearly all professions or the people from all sectors. The people in the news / list of most influential people includes, Scientists, Thinkers, Philosophers, Leaders, Icons, Visionaries, Artists..

As the 2013 list of top 100 Times Magazine influential people includes 3 Scientists from JPL is the reason of writing this current science news article.

These are not an ordinary people. These are the people who are using their ideas, their visions, their actions to transform the world and have an effect on a multitude of people.

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Now coming to the point of our Science News. The 2013 list of the 100 most influential people on the earth named by ‘TIME Magazine’ includes three men from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.
They are "Don Yeomans", "Pete Theisinger" and "Richard Cook".

Yeomans grew up in Rochester, N.Y., and now lives in Glendale, Calif.
He graduated from Middlebury College, Vt., with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and earned a doctorate in astronomy from the University of Maryland, College Park.
See the TIME profile of Yeomans for the top 100 most influential people of 2013 on the earth.

  • Yeomans manages NASA’s Near-Earth Objects Program Office at JPL.
  • Worked at JPL since 1976.
  • Dealing with the searching & Tracking of Asteroids And Comets passing into Earth’s neighbourhood to identify possible hazards to the Earth.
  • Managing NASA’s Near-Earth Objects Program Office.
  • Yeomans is also a supervisor of JPL’s Solar System Dynamics Group.
  • He was a science team member for the Deep Impact/EPOXI mission, which deployed an impactor that was "run over" by comet Tempel 1 in 2005 and flew close to comet Hartley 2 in 2010.
  • He was also the U.S. project scientist for the Japanese-led Hayabusa mission that returned a sample from near-Earth object Itokawa in 2010.
  • Also a team chief for the "Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission" that orbited, then landed on the asteroid Eros in 2001.
  • The first images of the return of comet Halley in 1982 were also obtained based on Yeomans predictions. See the Yeomans Profile for the top 100 most influential people of 2013 on the earth on Time Magazine.

Theisinger is a native of Fresno, Calif., and lives now in La Crescenta, Calif.
He graduated from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, with a degree in physics.

  • His career at JPL began in 1967 with the Mariner 5 mission to Venus.
  • Contributed to "Voyager" mission to the outer planets (launched in 1977 and still going).
  • Contributed to "Galileo Mission" to Jupiter (launched in 1989 and concluded in 2003).
  • His Mars experience includes the 1971 Mariner 9 orbiter mission to Mars.

The "Cook" is originally from Bismarck, N.D., and now lives in Santa Clarita, Calif.
He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas, Austin.

  • Cook joined JPL in 1989.
  • First worked on the "Magellan Mission" to "Venus".
  • He was the Mars Pathfinder mission manager responsible for operating the first rover – Sojourner – on the surface of Mars in 1997
  • Huge experience in the "Mars Exploration Rover" project. Landed the "Spirit" and "Opportunity" rovers in 2004. Also the flight system manager and project manager for the same.
    See the TIME profile of Theisinger and Cook for the top 100 most influential people of 2013 on the earth.

If you are influenced and want to know about the people included into the Top 100 Most Influential People Of 2013 On The Earth See TIME 100 . Ref. Nasa News.

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