New Battery Technology Will Increase The 3 Times Efficiency Of Lithium-Ion Batteries.

New battery technology will relief us from every day (or twice a day) charging of our mobile batteries in the very near future. Very soon our Cellphone or Gadgets Batteries will last 3 times longer.

Mobile Phone Battery Three Terminals

Mobile Phone Battery Three Terminals

New finding from the South Korean scientists will boost or increase 3 (three) times the efficiency of our regular “Lithium – Ion” battery.
South Korean scientists has developed a Newer Technology which will increase the efficiency or the capacity of our regular lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-Ion Batteries are the batteries which we use in our day today life or gadgets, like : Cell phones, Toys, Tablets, Pads, Laptops etc.

Just imagine that the battery of your cellphone, laptop, etc. are lasting 3 times longer…. And see, there is a smile on your face.

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These days the main problem or can say hurdle while using your electronics gadgets are the batteries. Batteries in our devices are the only thing which can stops us, to use it or enjoy on the go.
The older battery technology in our devices are lagging behind.
Immediately we need some New Battery Technology so that the use of Electronics Gadgets can be fulfilled or the devices can serve better to us.

The group of South Korean scientists has developed a new battery technology using which the lithium-ion battery will give 3 times more backup / efficiency.

The team of scientists, led by Prof. Hyun Taek-hwan of Seoul National University, said the capacity of a lithium-ion battery increased by up to three times when they used a nano structure of iron oxide and manganese oxide, instead of lead, as the cathode of the battery.

The new battery technology is 3 times more efficient than the current technology. The new battery is loses less than 0.5 percent of its performance even after numerous charge and recharge.

This new research should, soon come into the market; into our Cellphones, Laptops, Tablets and into other electronics gadgets … Source .

Let’s hope it will be implemented very soon..
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