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We explained “What Is NFC (Near Field Technology) its Property & Specifications” in our last article. All though it’s a Newer Technology; but this wouldn’t be the question for you, as you are reading TheZeroLife.Com. Today we will see a new use of NFC technology for the WiFi technology. Their are lot more uses of NFC in our daily life. Learn the NFC Technology Benefits And Uses In Our Daily Life.

NFC Technology is far different than the Bluetooth Technology, read the Comparison Of NFC With The Bluetooth. Still many technology related people don’t know much about the NFC technology, specifications, and its properties because its a newer technology in the market, the popularity started because of its introduction in the Mobile Phones. Know every thing about the NFC Technology on the TZL.

Here today we will talk about a new use of the NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology and will suggest some of the NFC Wi-Fi sharing Android Application for the same.

This is the new way to use the NFC Cellphone / Mobile Phone for the WiFi sharing purpose.
Imagine that you have a WiFi connection at your home of office, and your Friend or the CoWorkers wants to use the same connection for any/some/official purpose on their mobile phone. What will you do ..

You will have to give your secret and complex password to them for the use or you will setup it yourself into their phone. But these all are the insecure idea for your WiFi connection.

There is no worry any more if you and your friend have a NFC enabled Cellphone. Just you will have to install WiFi sharing application on both cellphones and just tap both phones together, and thats it your WiFi settings will go into your friends phone. Their is no need of any manual configuration or setup into each and every cellphone.
From now your friends cellphone will have the access of your WiFi connection, and can surf the internet. Get the Wifi Tap WiFi NFC android application from the Google Play.

With this app installed you can just hold your mobile device close to a NFC Tag your friend placed at his homes entrance or anywhere else inside. The network stored on the tag will then automatically be added to your list of known networks and an attempt to connect to it will be started. No click required. The app does not even have to be started.

Other application (Android) is little different i.e. NFC Hotspot. The NFC Hotspot creates a WiFi hotspot to which all other phones can connect, without any setting.

With NFC Hotspot you can easily start a WiFi hotspot, share the login data and connect the hotspot with an other NFC device, via just a single Android NFC BEAM.

Get the NFC HotSpot android application from Google Play.

Share this New Use Of NFC Technology With Your Friends And Family. Tell us your experience and the idea of NFC Technology. – Himanshu Kumar Singh.