Blood Cells Can Speak To You, About You. Listen To The Sound Of Blood – Current Science News Article.

You can listen to the sound waves of the Blood Cells, is the current science news. The article is published by the researchers in issue of Biophysical Journal, published by Cell Press. Sound waves of the Blood Cells can reveal various facts about the cell it self and about the Human Body or the creature associated with it.

The research says that when the Blood Cells are bombarded by a Laser Light, it produces the high frequency of the sound waves. The sound waves can be seen on the computer screen and analysed using the latest technology. The sound waves produced has/contains lots of information obout the blood cell and the human or can say about the creature associated with it.

As we learnt in our school physics that the tuning fork having different shape and size produces different sound waves pattern, frequency etc. Thus it happens very similar here in this case.

Senior Author Dr. Michael Kolios, of Ryerson University. Says:

We plan to make specialized devices that will allow the detection of individual red blood cells and analyze the photoacoustic signals they produce to rapidly diagnose red blood cell pathologies.

We can compare the waves of our healthy sound waves with the infected one, we can take the reference of the regular biconcave shape of a red blood waves. Deviation from the reference will be the indication of the blood related diseases.

In future there will be the automated device for rapid characterization of red blood cells from a single drop of blood obtained in the clinic, and will prepare the result in few seconds or minutes.

Author Eric Strohm, Graduate student in Dr. Kolios’ laboratory, says :

We are currently developing a microfluidic device, which integrates the laser and probes and flows single cells through the target area. This would enable measuring thousands of cells in a very short period of time with minimal user involvement.

Reference Cell Press .

Wish this newer technology should get the success soon.
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