5 Scientific Facts For Kids, They Should Know. – Science Article For Kids.

Here in this Science Article For Kids we are collecting some scientific some scientific facts for the kids. These science facts are very simple for the elders and elders can neglect while reading, because they think these facts as a usual things or not to be considered.

Whereas these scientific facts are the answers of the questions of the kids. These scientific questions can be the very big hurdles into the kids mids mind. If the scientific questions of the kids are not answered in proper way, it can lead to the misunderstanding, confusion, and wrong believes.

Below in the article you will read the scientific facts, which kids usually asks and should know :

1 st Fact For Kids : Battery / Cell do not contains the same amount of electricity supply as we use in our home. Battery do not have the flowing electricity into it.
Whenever we connects the load or whenever we want to use it and connects something to the battery, the chemical reaction into the battery starts and at the same time it starts producing the electric current into it. And when we disconnects the load, the chemical reaction again stops or you can say hibernates / pause.

2 nd Fact For Kids : Anything floating on the water is not dut to because it is lighter like ships.
Actually anything can float on the water, usually kids think that paper like things can only float on the water because it is very very light.
Anything can float on the water if it’s own weight is same or less than the water it replaces or displaces.

3 rd Fact For Kids : Sun don’t disappears at night, but it goes to the other side of the earth. Sun it stationery, earth is spinning and we are on the earth, thats why we see sun passing in the sky.

4 th Fact For Kids : In the world India is the largest producer of bananas.

5 th Fact For Kids : Sun is not like Earth, it’s like other Stars in the sky we see at night. Sun diameter is approximately 1,392,000 kilometres, something about 109 times that our Earth.

We will keep collecting the scientific facts for the kids in our future “Science Articles For Kids”.
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