Newer Indian Language User Interface Technology For Smartphones & Tabs By Samsung.

Samsung gave us a very good technology news for the mobile / cellphone lovers and android phone users in India. This technology news is specially for an Indian phones and Samsung users. Also you can say that it’s the newer technology for the indian Samsung fans ans users.

Samsung launched the user interface of their devices (Smartphones & Tablets) in 9 Indian Languages. This newer Indian language user interface on the Samsung devices will be supported on the current devices Ex. Tab3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Grand. This newer language technology will be their on the future Samsung Handsets, Tabs etc. by default.
This Samsung’s newer Indian language user interface technology will include Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati and Malayalam and may increase the list in the future, as future always hopes for more and better.

If you are a Samsung user than be ready to get and use some top mobile applications in your own native/local language like Facebook, Gmail & Google Search etc.. India is the country of languages, lots of region and lots of languages… many average educated Indians use to know more than 2 languages to write and more than 3 indian language they can understand and talk.

Due to the local language interface technology, the consumption of internet data and the smartphones, tablets will increase in the future in India.

It’s a needed newer technology for an Indian Samsung Device users, Please Share this Newer Technology News with your friends and family. – Himanshu Kumar Singh.