I Hate Confused Newer Technology! Which To Buy Gorilla Glass Or Scratch Resistant? & Online Grocery Shopping For Nashik City.

Many New Technology Shoppers are confused between the new technology terms like Gorilla Glass and the Scratch Resistant. What to buy if you have no budget problem or if you want the optimum technology in the average budget.

Let’s talk in brief and let you decide yourself, as you are more intelligent than any body else.

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Ok coming to the point; these days numerous Newer Technology Cellphone / Mobile phones are getting launched nearly Everyday, from the various technology players around the world.
You can say that “Each Technology Is Different From Another” or also can say that “Each Technology Is Nearly Or Little Similar To Another” thats depend on You how you think ….

Here we are talking about the newer technology displays, i.e. Gorilla Glass and Scratch Resistant Cell Phone / Mobile Phone display glass..

So just remember a thumb rule that the “Gorilla Glass” is “Gorilla Glass” and there is no other glass display is near to it, in terms of everything.

So if the mobile phone is of your choice (as per your specifications) and it is available in Second Cell (Second Hand) but having “Gorilla Glass”…
and where as if the mobile phone device is Brand New, and near to or similar to your specifications, but having “Scratch Resistant Glass”…

Than ? than surely go for the 1st option, that is “Gorilla Glass”.. even thow it is Old or Second Sell/.used phone.

Scratch Resistant is not near to the Gorilla Glass technology. Many big mobile manufacturers are installing Scratch Resistant glass to reduce the cost of the unit.
So, if you purchase the “Scratch Resistant Glass” because of anything or because any reason… You should put a “Scratch Guard Screen” on it.

Don’t buy the low quality screen guard, keep some pairs of extra screen guards in your drawer as per your mobile screen dimensions.
Because it use to get damaged within 3-4 months of regular use.. and after 1 year you will see that, you are not getting screen guard as per your Screen Dimensions, because it will be out of stock or because your Mobile model is discontinued.

Note : – One Important point to be noted for all Big Screen / Big Touch Screen Smart People/Mobile users is that.. Never never keep any Coin or Key/Key Chain in the pocket along with your Mobile Phone / Cellphone… I am sure that it will Definitely Damage your Mobile Phone Big Screen..

Best wishes for your Big Screen New Cellphone / Mobile Phone.
Thanks and bye for a while. Keep reading TheZeroLife to know more and more about the Newer Technology.

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