How To Make An Egg Float On Water, It An Easy Science Experiments For Kids.

An Easy Science Experiments For Kids:
What is an Easy science experiment for kids? It means that the experiments should be easy to execute and should teach you a lesson from science. There are lots of experiments that can be done with the things easily available at your home. These experiments are easy and less time taking.
Here an Easy science experiments for kids we are suggesting is going to teach you a lesson in Science which deals with the Density of a liquid, Weight and some sort of Gravity. These experiments will be easy to understand, so it is self explanatory.

Here in the article below we are going to make Eggs Float over Water just By Changing The Density Of Water.

How to make eggs float over Water?

I think it is known to every child or elders that an egg can never float over water. As soon as you release egg in water it sinks down, to the bottom of the vessel. Here by doing this magical experiment you can make others stuck for a while. But you Just know that; you can make eggs float over the water.

As the density of water is very low, egg cannot float over it. So to make eggs float over water, what we need to do is to increase the density of water to such a level that the egg will start floating over it.
So, first we will see, how to increase the density of water.

The material you will need to do this experiment are just a Glass of Water, Egg, some Salt and 1 Spoon, thats it. Isn’t it simple… Cheers. :-)

At first take a glass of water and test whether egg float over it or not. And i am sure that an egg will fail to float, and will go to the bottom of your glass.

Now as said above we have to increase the density of water, to do this add 2 or 3 spoons of salt in the water and mix it properly, till it fully disolves; now check again whether egg float over water or not.

If not; than add more salt in it as above and check again. Keep repeating the same process… of mixing the salt in water till egg start floating over it.
It’s soooo simple to float an Egg on the water…. But don’t frustrate… Ok.

So, that’s all, addition of salt will increase the density of water, at last egg will start floating over the water. Remember that an egg or anything goes down is because of the earths Gravity (Gravity attracts everything towards earth).

You can take various readings regarding the number of full spoon salt and the quantity of water in the glass, and can analyse your self and calculate the relation between the Quantity of Water and the Number of Full Spoon of Salt.

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