4 Points To Follow/Learn To Become Winner. Junior Selection Badminton Tournament 2018.

Yesterday there was a Under 15 Badminton Selection Tournament in the city Nashik. Maharashtra Sub Junior Selection Badminton Tournament 2018. Nashik. india.

There was about 500 s of small players .. I was personally there to see the selection ..

Everybody was energetic, serious, and SuperMan. It was all fun and … Enjoyable.

There was all dedicated pupils .. all were under 14 Y.

The things I learned and saw which can make you successful in all respect including Sports :-

  1. If you want to be in sports, or want to become a sport person. the only thing to remember is to Wake up early and do Excersise (as per your sport requirement). Or simply do some fixed excersise (Surya Namashkar, Stretching, Jumping, Running etc.), if your Sport/Game don’t involve any or much physical excersise.
  2. Be Disciplined.. always and always.. what ever be the circumstances. Be Disciplined that’s all.
  3. Follow your regular routine… Every every day .. never miss your practice… It is Raining or Chilling Cold of “0 Degree”, or Hot Summer. Just keep doing keep doing .. that’s it.
  4. Be Confident .. you are the SuperMan. No body can defeat you. Unless you do some mistakes or you Surrender. So to reduce the Mistakes you have to practice lot.

Don’t worry if you will follow Above things and you are Serious about your Passion .. you will definitely Recognised.

The Time will come and you will be chosen.

Yesterday I saw many .. children … The winners and losers both.

There are lots of difference between them .. also I interviewed many students … And asked about their practice and schedules..

They where all awesome…

Sooo Happy Journey and Best Of Luck..

Player Playing Badminton Tournament