LIVE Solar Eclipse Visible In India? I am Trying Hard.. Let’s Have More Info. Surya Grahan August 2018

Hmmm… Today on 11 Aug 2018 there is a Partial Solar Eclipse / Surya Grahan 2018. What is the Timing in India .. is it visible in India ?

This is 1:40 PM today i.e. 11 Aug 2018. I am searching hard but .. still can’t find becoming Night … Or Half Night suddenly in the day time ..

I personally saw .. if i remember 2- 3 solar eclipse in India.. some in the Morning and some was at Afternoon.

But this time .. I am searching hard .. in the sky but still can’t see birds shouting .. and becoming dark or half night.

The partial solar eclipse / aardh surya grahan is only visible across major parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but here the India will not going to see the event.

It is going to be a 3 Hrs. 30 Min. Solar eclipse in total. The said timing of the partial solar eclipse as per Indian Standard Time (IST) is going to start at 1:32-35 PM and will end after 5:02-05 PM.

Why it is called Partial Solar Eclipse or अर्द्ध चंद्र ग्रहण in Hindi ? Or What is Partial Solar Eclipse ?

The question can also be asked in other way i.e. How it is different from Regular or Normal Solar Eclipse. ?
In simple words, it is a Solar event / Celestial Event which happens when Moon comes in between Sun and the Earth.

When it aligns in straight line .. and the Moon covers the Sun 100% it becomes the Total Solar Eclipse i.e. पूर्ण चंद्र ग्रहण । Also it should cover the whole or maximum sun light coming to the Earth surface.

It suddenly turns Day into Night and also changes the temperature.

And now when the Moon covers the certain portion or Partial part of the Sun it is known as the Partial Solar Eclipse / अर्द्ध चंद्र ग्रहण ।

It not possible to see Solar Eclipse from every where.. as thhe Earth is different at different angles..

Pls. Never see any solar eclipse Partial or Full from naked eye.. it is very harmful… And can damage your eye partially or permanently. Always use Dark Black glass or the instruments available in the market to see…

Let’s try luck at the next Solar Eclipse… And hope to see…