M. S. Dhoni Got Married With Shakshi Singh Rawat, Marriage Images & News Videos.

Indian caption Mahindar Singh Dhoni or you can day M.S. Dhoni, got married on Sunday 04-07-10 (4th July 2010) at 8pm in Dehradoon, India. MS Dhoni was engaged on Saturday 03-07-2010. No news medias are allowed inMS.Dhoni-Wife-Shakshi-Rawat-Image the marriage ceremony, no dates ware released in the public till before one day. News and other persons ware said to keep distance of 500 Meters from the hotel where the marriage was taking place. No real images and videos of MS Dhoni’s marriage with Shakshi Singh Rawat is available on the internet or on the news channels. All images, pictures, photos, videos of M.S. Dhoni’s marriage/wedding with Mrs. Dhoni Shakshi Rawat is artificial, as no media ware allowed. Pictures, images, photos, videos of Mahindar Singh Dhoni and Shakshi Rawat will be available after few days.M.S.Dhoni-and-Shakshi-Rawat-Marriage-Image-artificial

Many Bollywood stars ware invited in the marriage ceremony. Media focused on john Abhraham, Harbhajan Singh, Suresh Raina, Ashish Nehra and R.P. Singh, as they ware their to attend Dhoni’s wedding. Also all cricket players ware present in the MS Dhoni marriage ceremony. Dhoni got married with “Sakshi Singh Rawat”. It is to be said that MS Dhoni and Sakshi Singh Rawat ware childhood friends, they ware studying together in the same school “Dayanand School” in Ranchi they knows each other from long time. Mrs. Sakshi Singh Rawat is graduated in hotel management from Aurangabad.

M.S. Dhoni and Shakshi Singh Rawat Marriage News Video

Many other Bollywood stars are sending wishes on Twitter to MS Dhoni, those who are not able to come for the marriage ceremony. See the few videos available on You Tube, regarding MS Dhoni’s marriage. Dhoni is 28 years old only, on the day of marriage.

Mahindar Singh Dhoni and Mrs. Dhoni Shakshi Singh Rawat Marriage News Video

God bless both of them, also best wishes for Mahindar Singh Dhoni and Shakshi Singh Rawat for their feature. All India and specially Ranchi (MS Dhoni’s Home Town) is celebrating. Dhoni is breaking many young female and male fan hearts.