Upload Your Files To All Free File Hosting Sites Simultaneously For Free.

I am sure that you might have came across some file hosting sites like Rapid Share, Mega Upload, File Factory etc, knowingly or unknowingly. In the world of internet and downloading you can’t keep yourself away from these major players of free file hosting sites. Every ware, everybody is downloading the files from the internet…….. some free, some paid and some pirated……… nobody is away from this. Ok this is an another matter of discussion. Here I came across a nice site which can upload your files to many file hosting services (websites). The site name is “InterUpload”, “Inter Upload” can upload your file or software to many file hosting sites or services in onetime (simultaneously). Inter Upload supports the following free file hosting sites or providers, these are the list of free File Uploading sites with their specified capacities near them, it counts approx.25 sites (file/software uploading sites) and it may increase in the near feature.

RapidShare(Max. 200 MB), MegaUpload (Max. 300 MB), DepositFiles (Max. 300 MB), HotFile (Max. 300 MB), EasyShare (Max. 200 MB), TwoShared (Max. 100 MB), Ziddu (Max. 200 MB), MediaFire (Max. 200 MB), ZShare (Max. 300 MB), iFileIt (Max. 300 MB), SendSpace (Max. 300 MB), FileFactory (Max. 300 MB), MegaShare (Max. 150 MB), Badongo (Max. 100 MB), NetLoad (Max. 300 MB), ZippyShare (Max. 200 MB), FreakShare (Max. 300 MB), SharebaseTo (Max. 200 MB), UploadedTo (Max. 250 MB), StorageTo (Max. 300 MB), Loadto (Max. 300 MB), Uploading (Max. 300 MB), FileFront (Max. 300 MB), UploadBox (Max. 200 MB), x7.to (Max. 200 MB).

Actually interupload.com helps you to uploading your files simultaneously to various free file hosting providers as listed above. You just have to attach your file to interupload, as you use to attach the files in emails. Visit interupload.com press the Browse button, select the file to upload here you can upload up to 3 files, and press upload, and it starts automatically uploading your file to the hosting sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace, Filefactory etc. or as you choose. After that you will get the download links of your files according to the file hosting sites, and thus your file is ready to share among your friends and families or post it to forums etc.InterUpload-Free-File Hosting-Sites-TheZeroLife

You may think about the benefits of using such service like Interupload; So here it is:

Big and main benefit of using Interupload is, it saves your Bandwidth, suppose if you upload 200MB of file to 5 file hosting services than it consumes 1 GB of band width from your network. Consider if you have an unlimited plan than its ok, but if you have limited data connection than it may cost you heavy. But what about the time consumed to upload 1GB of file, you know it better. But if you use Interupload, you have to upload only 200MB of file data to only Interupload server, and it will be uploaded to your file host of choice from there, thus it saves huge amount of time and bandwidths.

One more great feature of Inter upload is that, you don’t have to wait for the entire upload process to be completed, if you give your E-mail to Interupload, the site will mail you the link to the download page and the status of uploads.

It’s an optional feature which sends you an email with the link to the download page and the status of the upload. This is useful when you are uploading a large file, enter your email before uploading, and you won’t need to wait for the entire upload process to be completed. The email you receive will contain the link to the download page and the status of the uploads.

If you know more about such services than please let me know through your comments.