Epic Browser Loaded With Everything You Need On Internet, With Indian Flavour, Free Download And Use.

I am here with the new browser, named as Epic Browser. We are already having many browsers available on the internet as well as on our desktop, few are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, and Flock etc.. Every browsers are having different flavours, tests, usability, and plus points. This time the browser is from India, this is Epic Browser. After all we got a browser from India, which can understand the need of Indian internet users. I mean to say that, what an Indian user uses most of the time on the internet is taken into consideration while designing the Epic Browser. Epic browser is powered by Mozilla Firefox at the backend. So, it is no need to say that it will give better browsing experience and lots of backend supports.

First of all, I will suggest you to Download Epic browser It is free to download and use, start exploring the features on this Indian browser. Epic-Browser-Antivirus-TheZeroLife

The best part I like on this browser is the antivirus scanning. You can scan each and every thing, what you’re downloading online. Most of the viruses come to your computer through Internet, while surfing, and downloading. The concept is very new and unique, see if your browser is secure, and scanning each and everything you are downloading and keeping eye on the sites you are visiting for the Viruses, Malwares and Trojans . It can be said that you will never be attacked by any virus, malwares and Trojans, because if your door of the home is secure and tight than it is obvious that your home is secured. Another best thing is that you can also scan your computer hard disk, or any external drives with the help of this Epic browser.

Here is how to activate antivirus on Epic Browser. First of all you understand that Epic browser doesn’t come with any pre installed antivirus software. You can activate antivirus on Epic Browser, only you have to do is; download any file or an Image from the internet through Epic Browser, and it will show you in Epic Download tab and here you will get a message asking you “Want to scan this download for Viruses?”; If you click on this or if you allow it to scan it for viruses than the Epic will start downloading the Virus Definition into your computer, this Epic Virus definition is approx. 25MB in size. Once the Virus Definition is downloaded you can scan each and every download as well as your computer and any external drive free of cost.


I personally feel this feature very useful, and beneficial for the users of Epic in India as well as for the world. If Epic developers can concentrate on this single feature than no other browser can compete to epic. Everybody in the world can have virus free computers, especially India, because I feel many Indians are not using any paid antivirus software, and if the Epic can do this for their users for free than, everybody would like to use the Epic Browser only. There is a very good scoop in this sector for development. Though many browsers have this feature with them but it needs strong security and promises.Epic_Browser_GoogleMap_TheZeroLife

Now the other Epic features and functions. Whole net is populated with the launch news and explanations of the Free Indian Browser Epic so there is no need to explain lot in this regard, and also the browser is self explanatory.  The Epic is having real Indian experience for the all Indian users, but if you study will than you will Epic_Browser_SideBar_Shortcuts_TheZeroLifefeel that whole world is doing the same thing; more or less what Indian is doing on the Internet with little difference. Wallpapers with Indian theme and photographs, icons and shortcuts to all popular social networking sites like, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. also many popular Indian websites which many people in India uses it into their day today life like railway reservation and PNR No. status check, booking of air tickets, booking of hotels, Yatra, ClearTrip, maps etc etc….

The Epic Browser gives me complete feel and touch of Linux. Epic is built on the Mozilla platform, also developers are encouraged to develop the application for side bar and plugins using the Mozilla Fire Fox platform.  So it is needless to say that is has plenty of plug-in, applications and add-ons already available for the users of Epic. The browser I found little similar to Epic is Flock, it is in terms of look, sidebar and backend platform, Flock is also developed on the Mozilla Firefox platform. If you are not familiar and not heart the name than have a Download of Flock it is famous with the name of Social Browser.

There are lots of things to be counted as features on Epic, but it is need less to explain each and every thing because I found it is very easy and self explanatory browser. It is not so much hard to use Epic for even newbie.  Just I will suggest you not to fear while using any sidebar applications available on the Epic. Do what you want do, click where you want to click, don’t hesitate while using Epic’s features and any applications, it is not going to harm your computer in any way. As fast you will explore Epic and its applications available, fastest you will master the Epic and will increase your efficiency, joy and output.

Few Features and applications of Epic are as follows:
You can easily type any India regional languages using Epic, This is the best feature among all because this gives an Indian feel and this encourage many Indians those who are not using internet because they are less familiar to English, or they can’t type in English. To use this Indian language tool, see for Indic Icon in the left hand Epic_Browser_Mycomputer_TheZeroLifeside, sidebar in the browser and click. Here (after turning ON the Indic Language feature) you can write in your regional Indian language using your keyboard, the text will be automatically converted into your language. It also suggests you the matching words if you are not getting the word you want and thus you can select the desired word from the dropdown box. The typed regional language you can copy past any ware you want on the internet. Practice and use is the best way if you want to use this tool regularly.

You can change and set the wallpaper on the browser as well as on your desktop using epic. Their is no need to download any image and than set it as a wallpaper on the desktop, epic will do every thing. Go to Skin option into the sidebar of epic and select from the categories like People, Art, Music, Culture, Regional, Religious, Sports, Films, Politics & Nature, there are other options like custom theme and custom wall paper, choose and enjoy.

Here on Epic you can easily access any files on your computer, without the need to minimise your browser than go to My Computer etc. Just click “My Computer” icon from the sidebar into Epic and it will open your all heard drives available on your computer, and you can do anything here that’s it!

Lots of addons and plugins are available just go to Tools and then Add-ons into the sidebar, and do search what you want and click install. It has 1500+ more applications to choose. Beware not to get lost into the sea.

Their is a nice backup idea, and about powering through Gmail. You can backup any file you select, and it will be uploaded to your Gmail account (depends on your gmail available storage limits) after Gmail login. As your files are uploaded on Gmail so you are free to access it from any ware after login; and do with it what you want.Epic-Browser-Backup-TheZeroLife

Video clips and online television channels are available in the sidebar. Video clips you can access directly through epic sidebar from YouTube. TV channels in India sidebar are nice to get the latest news in English or Hindi or in other regional languages, share market happenings, cricket scores, videos and music albums etc.

If you will understand it and use it properly than you will come to know that “Inbuilt writing editor” of Epic Browser can cut your uses of third party ‘writing or word processors’ software forever. If you are a blogger or collecting notes for your college from internet or collecting materials for  your project or research work; than their is no need of using Notepad, or any other word processor, just use “Inbuilt Writing Editor” from the sidebar of Epic and that’s it. Copy past your notes materials into it and it will automatically keep saving your materials using Tiny Paste feature.Epic_Browser_WriteingTool_TheZeroLife

With a single button at the left top (showing lock symbol), you can change your normal browsing into private browsing, and vice versa. Thus nobody can track your browsing history, and can know what you are surfing on the net.

Website notifier is embedded in the address bar itself, the green Icon suggests you that it is a safer site to browse, and Red for non secure and malicious website, so keep your eye on this and make your life and browsing secure.

Star button into each opEpic_Browser_Timer_Alert_TheZeroLifeen tab (near the close tab X sign) gives you many options like bookmarking, sharing the link etc. in no time.

Timer, Epic_Browser_Timer_TheZeroLifeStopwatch, Alerts are again a great idea to embed into the browser, and its working very fine with alarms, and also very useful for everybody.  The alerts can be set to remind you, once or everyday at the designated time. Here you can set an alert with a message, alert tone and can save your alerts too.

Again a games in the browser, Ha, Ha. Nothing left. Epic_Browser_Games_TheZeroLife There are some exciting games available into the sidebar Game Icon, click the green button and choose the game you want to play, you have to wait little to start playing the game after pressing play button, and follow the screen instructions.

The Developers of Epic Browser, should Work faster and should develop a browser for mobile phones, to rule the world in terms of browser. Really Epic Browser has pure Indian flavour as each and every things are included into a browser what an Indian users needs on the computer and on the internet, rally its awesome. Help to spread the Epic among your friends and Download Epic Browser.
Thanks to Avhinav Singh for a great suggestion.