Send Your Face In Space, With NASA’s Space Shuttle, For Free, Get The Historical Opportunity.

NASA is inviting you to send your Picture or Name into Space; they named this project or mission as “Face in Space”. If you ever wanted to go into the Space than your wish is going to be true; with the help of non other than but one and only one NASA. This is the historical opportunity to put your photo or image or at least your name in one of their final remaining space shuttle mission the STS-133 and STS-134.

For sending your photo in the space shuttle, you just have to logon to or visit to Face In Space and upload your photos, if you don’t have photo than you can also send your name at least (those who don’t have pictures can skip the uploading section and NASA will fly their name). Once you will upload your picture than your picture will get the opportunity to fly with the astronauts aboard shuttle Discovery’s STS-133 mission or shuttle Endeavour’s STS-134 mission. You will receive a special certificate from the same site once the mission is completed.NASA Face in Space Flight Mission

After uploading your picture you will receive the flight (take off) date, landing and schedules of your mission, along with the confirmation certificate of your mission. You just have to print this or save it into you word processor, than after completion of the mission or after landing visit the site Face In Space again to get the final mission certificate from NASA signed by the mission commander.

Discovery and Endeavour’s missions are the final two flights remaining until the retirement of the space shuttle fleet. For more information about the STS-133 and STS-134 missions, launching timing, date, landing, and schedule of shuttle visit Shuttle.


For more opportunities in NASA visit the Current Opportunities for Students and Educators. See the latest participants of Face In Space on the World Map. Below image is showing you the participants from India till date 08-Aug-2010.


In the month of November 2010 and February 2011, two Space Shuttles will be launched STS-133 and STS-134, respectively. The mission duration of these flights will be 10 days and 11 Days respectively. Both the flights will carry components, scientists, engineers for the building process of ISS as usual. ISS project was launched in November 1988, and till this summer 2010, 25 Space Shuttle flights have been achieved for the building process of ISS.

Yes I have also submitted my photograph to the face in space project of NASA, and I got my confirmation certificate and schedule. My photo is scheduled to fly in the month of February 2011 with STS-134. Congratulate me.

“I am very-very happy to be associated with this project. From my deep heart I am the fan of NASA from my child hood, and still I am having a dream to be associated with NASA, by any means. It was my dream to become a scientist in NASA…………..but……………due to so many reasons… my dream not become true……… and I think that my dream will never become true in this life. I am sorry to say but I am becoming emotional and little personal, I am unable to control myself because science and research is my weak point and dream work…….. Please I will quit now as my eyes are becoming little wet, with something called H2O”. Life is Like that !!! “The Zero Life nothing else”.