New Indian Rupee Symbol, Unicode Proposed, You Must Know.

Just a month ago, Indian government had announced the symbol for Indian currency. You can learn more about how to use Indian currency symbol on your computer, before you get it on your computer keyboard printed like $Indian_Rupee_Symbol_Postal_Stamp symbol and also you can watch the historical moments and announcement in my another article about How To Use Indian Currency Symbol and Historical Moments.

The very good news here; is that Government have proposed the Unicode for new Indian Rupee symbol, the Unicode character code is U+0971. The present Indian rupee symbol (Rs) Unicode is U+20A8, and the new proposed Indian Currency Symbol within Devanagari Script by Indian IT department is U+0971.


Here is a PDF file from Unicode.Org which shows Unicode character code for currency symbols ranges U+20A0 to U+20CF and it also includes U+20A8 (Unicode for “Rs” Rupee Sing India), and another PDF is about the Devanagari Script Unicode ranges U+0900 to U+097F and it includes U+0971 (The purposed Unicode by Indian IT department for the new symbol). Both the PDF are good for knowledge and the learning of Unicode. You must download and see!


It can be very well understood by the slide show presentation by “D. Udaya Kumar”. You should see this Indian Rupee symbol presentation to get Indian Rupee Symbol In-Heart and By-Heart.

Indian Currency Symbol Presentation D. Udaya Kumar.

It can take months to actually get the symbol on your computer keyboard. I am happy to see the uses of Indian rupee symbols in news papers and on televisions channels.