India’s First HCL ME Series 40 Laptop, Environment Friendly, Non Toxic, PVC and BFR Free. Go and Get it!

Green laptops, It’s not green in colour; Its means environmentally safe, it spreads greenery every ware in our environment and it also insures the safe and healthy feature for our planet earth and for coming generations of human being. We should be aware of Global Warming and its impact on our environment and human generation. HCL Infosystems every time innovates and introduces something new in the market and to the world of technology. HCL Infosystems introduced a 100% environmentally safe/eco friendly series of laptops in India and called as HCL ME Series 40. It becomes India’s first Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), BFR, toxins and other harmful chemicals free(it means series 40 laptop not uses PVC and other toxic materials) laptops and meets the RoHS 2.0 standards. HCL ME Series 40 is a step towards green environment, safer and healthy life for the next generation of human.

The new HCL ME Series 40 laptops are designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials that don’t contains harmful components like PVC and BFR. This series of HCL products are recyclable and in result don’t emit any harmful chemicals to the environment, and thus achieves Green Computing. HCL achieved the PVC & BFR free laptops much before the committed date of 31st December 2010. See the HCL announcement of PVC and BFR free manufacturing. HCL have received more-than-expected orders for ME series 40 notebooks. Good work, Good result that’s the rule.

Brief Specification and details of the HCL Infosystems Series 40 Laptop is:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz T6600 processor.HCL_PVC_BFR_Free_Me_Series40_Laptop

Display Size : 15.4-inch WXGA TFT LCD screen with 1280×800 resolution.

DVD : DVD Super multi Drive.

HDD : 2.5” SATA HDD, 320 GB.

RAM : 4GB DDR2 RAM, DDR2 SO-DIMM Slots expandable.

Camera : 1.3 Mega Pixels Web Cam.

Battery : 6 Cell Battery, with Five Hours Backup.

Others : Weight 2.8 Kg. (Including battery); Inbuilt Bluetooth v 2.1; 56Kbps v.92 Data/Fax MDC Modem; Integrated 4-in-1 card reader; Four USB ports; OS Preloaded with Windows 7 Professional.

Materials used are BFR and PVC free, non toxic, and environment friendly.

Innovative Features of HCL ME Series 40 laptops :

SPLIT ME : Split Me allows the user to share any file size or data, without worry and with high speed.

LOCK ME : Lock me feature of HCL Series ME 40 laptop, prevents data from unauthorised access. It ensures that data is not copied into any external storage device, like USB drive, Flash memory, CD Optical drive, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) etc. without authentication and permission from administrator.

SECURE ME : This innovative, effective and powerful tool Secure ME, into HCL ME Series 40 laptop can help user in very different way. Secure Me can lock any application or software installed into the HCL ME Series 40 laptop like Internet Browser, Word Processor, Media Player, etc. This can restrict access of certain or specific software to the unauthorised users, and can be configured and used in many ways.

ENCRYPT ME : Encrypt Me feature of HCL Series 40 laptops, encrypts the user data and thus secures the data stored in the PC/Laptop. Encrypt Me allows the user to encrypt data and prevents from unauthorised access and data theft.

HCL ME Series 40 have “One Touch Support” and “One Touch Recovery”, for faster and safer recovery from the user itself. Me Series 40 have “Balanced Power Theme” and “Advanced Thermal Engineering” which decreases power consumed, triggers auto shutdown while in idle period, minimises the heat generated; thus saves battery life, and environment.

Tagged price of HCL ME Series 40 laptop is priced Rs.41, 500, and can reduce in coming months, check the price at your nearest HCL dealer. Price seems little costlier compare to current market trend, but features and specifications are best and not available else ware in the current market and with other brands.

It is obvious that the use of non toxic, PVC free, BFR free materials in laptop costs more. In our society, and industry it is very easy to get the toxic and environmentally not safer raw materials even in less prices. That’s why the day come and forced us to think about environment and global warming. Take care of your environment, and give the gift of non toxic and fresh air to breath, to your coming generation. Do the best It’s The Zero Life.