Make Cheese or Paneer At Home, It’s Very Easy, Let’s Try.

Today at my home 1 Litters of milk got spoiled, it means when put it to heat it become lumps like curd and started separating from water (whey). I think it is happens to each home once in a year who use to take milk, for their daily use; for making tea or for drinking etc.

Every time when it happens, I use to dry all water from it and use to put sugar, and finish! It use to become my morning breakfast, that’s it!

Sometimes I use to put some amount of rice about 25-50 gram in 1 litter and required sugar about 3-4 spoons in the spoiled milk at the time when it is full of water (in the starting phase of spoiling or becoming lumps) and use to keep heating till, when it remains ¼ amount of total it becomes nice “Kheer”, and thus again a nice breakfast, full of Vitamins, and Proteins. I never use to throw the spoiled or lumpy like curd milk.

This time I thought to experiment little different, and decided to make Cheese from the destroyed milk which become lumps like curds and separated from water/whey. Making-Cheese_Paneer_At_Home(TheZeroLife.Com)

In this post I am making Cheese or Paneer or you can also say Chenna at home. Actually making of paneer or cheese is not at all hard as it seems. Just read the following Para to know how to make Cheese or Paneer at home.

Requirements For Making Cheese At Home:

* Milk about 1 Litters or as much as you want.

* 1-2 lemon juice.

* Large pan to contain and boil the milk.

* Colander to dry the water from broken milk or whey.

* A large cloth (cotton cloth)

* Gas stove or any stove to heat the milk.

How to make Cheese at home procedure:

Take milk in a large pan and start boiling on a medium heat. When it starts sounding and at the starting phase of boiling(observe properly otherwise it can spill out of the pan) than put the, freshly squeezed lemon juice into the milk and keep boiling.

Now mix or move the milk with any spoon, and after some time you will see that milk started splitting into lumps like curd and started separating water or whey.

Now switch off your gas or stove, remove the pan from the stove, keep aside for 20 minutes to settle down the curds.

After settle down of the curds, pour this all pan material into the colander, thus the water will come out and you will get the white thick curds.

Now collect this white curds into a cloth (a thick cloth or cotton cloth), press it into the cloth to drain out the remaining water. When you think that all liquid is drained out from the cloth, make it little flat and thick keeping it (curds within cloth) on the dish/surface or make a round shape tie it with thread (do this step while keeping the curds/cheese into the cloth) and keep it (hang it) to dry into the open space for 2-3 hours.


You can also keep the cheese into any desired container(Plastic or Steel Tiffin Box Container), tightly pressed and filled to take a shape and then keep it into the refrigerator.

That’s it you homemade Cheese or paneer is ready, if you have refrigerator than take out the cheese and keep it into the refrigerator, keeping into refrigerator is not necessary. When you want to use it take out of refrigerator and cut it into the desired pieces.

If you are making Cheese or Paneer first time than, you may not succeed and make Cheese or Paneer like Shop or readymade, but if you will make it 2-4 times than I am sure that you can make Cheese like shop.

Next time whenever milk spoils or become lumps like curds while boiling than be sure to make cheese at home. And Say Cheese!