TATA Photon Pocket Wi-Fi Broadband Hotspot, Specification And User Manual. Get The High Speed GPRS On Mobile Phone.

I have tested many broadband internet service providers one month ago and found that, TATA Photon is giving very good internet speed (my test was one month old, and depends on the network conjunction as well as on the network availability), compare to other providers. Though my test is one month old and there are chances that many providers may have come up or may bet the speed of TATA Photon. TATA Photon launched a new device called tata photon pocket WI-FI. This is a Wi-Fi router, with sim card and can provide you 5 connections, means you can connect 5 wifi devices and can surf internet with broadband speed on them with a single connectionTATA_Photon_Pocket_Wi-Fi(TheZeroLife.Com) using TATA Photon pocket wifi. It’s can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the help of wireless modem drivers and techniques.

The device have sim card option, inbuilt battery that can run upto 2-2.5 Hrs., can connect to 5 Wi-Fi devices (obviously the speed will be shared among 5 devices), plan and speed of TATA Photon, one RJ45 Ethernet Port, Wi-Fi uses on the TATA Photon Pocket Wi-Fi is secure (password protected), It’s independent of operating system (can be easily used on windows and Linux systems) . The device tata photon pocket wifi have two devices into it, a broadband or you can say 3G modem and a wifi router and you can use as a WI-Fi hotspot. I am not sure that the tata photon pocket wifi device is sim or provider locked or not, if it is locked, than you can’t use other company sim card for better internet speed or plan and thus the option is limited; and if it is has no sim lock than you are free to use or switch to any 3G/broadband internet service provider for better service and plan options. IfBSNL_3G(TheZeroLife.Com) you want to purchase a broadband internet connection than don’t believe any body, simply ask for a demo and check yourself the broadband internet speed.

Tata Photon Pocket Wi-Fi device gives very good speed same as Photon+ Broadband (as per tata photon, download speed of 3.1 Mbps, and upload speed upto 1.8 Mbps). It may give you good speed upto 2 wifi users, and speed will drop as the number of users upto 5 will increase. It is compact in size and thus easy to carry. It a new concept in the world of broadband internet service in India, it’s a new example and trend, tata claimed to be the first such product. Now there are chances come such hardware from other providers too. As in India still we people are waiting for 3G networks to be implemented every ware. After the implementation of 3G networks every ware after 4-6 months, we can get good internet speeds as well as many hardware in reasonable prices. A bigVodafone player of 3g network in India is BSNL, and they have already taken steps in this regard.Here you can download the user manual for TATA Photon Pocket WI-Fi router for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Recently I changed my mobile sim card, only for the region of good GPRS. Previously I was using xxxxxx sim card and I was consistent user of GPRS from last 3 years, but suddenly from last 6 months, it started to give the speed of 1-2 kbps only, and thus for opening even a wap site I use to wait for 2-4 minutes. Now I am using Vodafone (after the research of 4-5 days at different locations I decided to use Vodafone gprs) sim card for my GPRS use on mobile phone, and it’s awesome, giving the speed of 10-18 kbps (speed is dependent on locality and network load). Vodafone is giving very good GPRS speed on my mobile phone as well on my desktop computer (as on date and don’t know about it’s feature) and I recommended it to 10-12 people. Now I can watch YouTube streaming videos, can download lots of software/applications for my mobile phone in few minutes, can download pdf in seconds, can get fast stock market prices on mobile phone, can watch free live Indian TV channels without interruption on my mobile phone (If you have good gprs speed than live TV on your mobile phone is a very good experience), can watch my favourite Zee TV shows on computer for free………etc. Really ! sometimes I use to smile while loading the pages on my mobile phone.