Send Your Name On Mars, Into NASA’s Science Laboratory Rover Microchip, Free. Become Historical Person, Don’t Miss The Opportunity.

Here is a great opportunity to send your name on Planet Mars through NASA. You can send your name on Planet Mars, into the microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover. This initiative is taken from NASA JPL, to send the names of people into a microchip (Microcontroller or Microprocessor) of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, which is heading to Mars in 2011; the name of the Rover and the date and time is still not clear. This is a historical opportunity open for everybody (all) from any country.

Just don’t wait! Go to the NASA JPL website and put your name their to send it to Mars for free of cost, Ya there is no charge to send your name to Mars, So don’t miss the opportunity and be a historical person.

The enrolment process to send your name on Mars is very easy; just you have to enter your First Name, than LastHimanshu-Kumar-Singh-Name-To-Mars-Rover-NASA Name and select your country, that’s it! Finish! Within minutes you will be congratulated for the selection your name for sending it on mars. A certificate will be issued to you for your participation into the mission, if you have printer attached to your computer and have colour cartridge than print the certificate and keep it safe to show and see in the feature; if you don’t have cartridge like me than save the web page or copy past it into the paint brush to print it afterwards as per your convenience.

As you can see from the given picture that, I had also participated in the same mission, for sending my name into the microchip of “Mars Rover” which is going to head to Mars in 2011? I am felling very happy and proud to be associated with this mission, it was my dream to be in NASA or in any space research centre, and to learn astrophysics, but time and situation didn’t allowed me to do so…. that’s why I always say “Life is like that”. Ok let’s forget all that…. Himanshu_Kumar_Singh_Name_On_Mars_NASA

In one of my last post I wrote about sending your face or photo in space, in one of the NASA’s space shuttle if you don’t have photo than you can send your name at the place. If your face or photo will be selected than NASA will fly it into the one of their space shuttle Discovery STS-133 or Endeavour STS-134. Discovery and Endeavour’s missions are the final two flights remaining until the retirement of the space shuttle fleet. Read more about NASA’s face in space mission HERE. My photo is also scheduled to fly with the Nasa’s space shuttle STS-134 in the month of February 2011.

Become a historical person by sending your name with others on the Planet Mars, into the microchip of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover heading towards Mars in 2011 and by sending your face in space into the space shuttle.

Numbers of name submitted from India is 39272 till date and its on the 4th position let’s make it on the top; the Number of Worldwide Names are 825069 till date., Here is the world map of participants for the name on MARS rover program see the latest numbers.

Here I am congratulating you if you are getting selected for the above both missions, comment below if you are participating into the “Name in Mars Rover Microchip” program or in “Face in Space Mission”. Wishing you happy journey to Mars and Space.. let’s go together………..