NASA’s Opportunity, Challenges And Competitions All For Free, Get The Chance, And Win.

Life is an opportunity and an opportunity is life. NASA is always giving and opportunity to everybody, to educators, to students, and to a common people. Here I am going to give you the links available to NASA website for opportunities available for everybody and for every level of people. If you are a science freak and science enthusiast, than this article is for you. There are many opportunities available at NASA, on different subjects. Recently I wrote an article for sending your “Face in Space” in NASA’s shuttle and another one was about sending your Name into the microchip of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover which is heading to MARS in 2011.

If you are a Science freak and missed to do some great thing in your life, or you are already engaged into the science (Mechanical, Electronics etc.) activities and always in search of some opportunity to prove yourself great, than NASA opportunities are for you. The NASA opportunities are fresh every day and every month, means new opportunities are coming every months and old one are reaching their deadlines. You may think that, NASA opportunities may have fewer crowds, than you are wrong! NASA competitions are having huge crowd, and it means that there are scientists at every corner of the world; the only thing is to discover them.

Ok NASA opportunity website or link is HERE. New opportunities are coming and old ones or the completed ones are expiring, so you have to visit the nasa opportunity website very frequently to keep an eye on new opportunity available for you, and to get the time to complete it. Their and awards and scholarships for the completed tasks or challenges, just remember that you are going to get something after completing the challenge, you not going to lose anything. After all scientists are broad minded, they never think for getting anything for them.

Nasa opportunity

Below are the available opportunities, challenges, contest and programs from NASA is as on date;

  • Teacher Training Opportunity: Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program.
  • Student Opportunity: Fall 2010 Cassini Scientist for a Day.
  • 2011 NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program.
  • Spring 2011 NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project.
  • “My Place in Space” Art Contest.
  • NASA’s “What If No Gravity?” Competition.
  • NASA’s Dropping In a Microgravity Environment Competition.
  • 2010 NASA Postdoctoral Program.
  • OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award Contest.
  • 2011 Texas High School Aerospace Scholars online learning experience.
  • 2011 CanSat Competition.
  • 2011 Team America Rocketry Challenge.
  • International Youth Art Competition.
  • RealWorld-InWorld NASA Engineering Design Challenge.
  • 2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship.
  • Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award.
  • NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program.
  • National Space Biomedical Research Institute Summer Internship Program.
  • 2011 Space Exploration Educators Conference.
  • 2011 RASC-AL Competition.
  • National Space Biomedical Research Institute’s Graduate Education Program in Space Life Sciences.
  • NASA’s DEVELOP Program — 2011 Summer Session.
  • NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition.
  • Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge.
  • Fellowship in Aerospace History.
  • ESMD Space Grant Project 2011 Systems Engineering Paper Competition.
  • NASA Space Settlement Design Contest.
  • 2010 Green Aviation Student Competition.
  • 2010-11 Green Aviation Student Competition.
  • Solar System Ambassador Events for Summer and Fall 2010.
  • NASA Explorer Schools Registration Open.
  • Fly Your Face in Space.
  • Send Your Name to Mars.
  • “From Earth to the Universe” Exhibit.
  • Rock Around the World.
  • Student Opportunity: Odyssey of the Mind.
  • Teacher and Student Opportunity: Ames Education Associates Project.
  • Research Scholarship: NASA Astrobiology Institute. NASA Opportunity,(TheZeroLife.Com) Above all listed opportunities, challenges, competitions, projects, and scholarships are time bounded and thus it will change time to time and are available on the NASA’s opportunity webpage. Older and completed projects and competitions will vanish and new opportunities will enter on the nasa’s opportunity website. Full fill your dream with NASA, if you are associated with technology and science by any means than you should definitely try and compete, if you are professor or teacher than prepare your school or students for the NASA’s challenge, this will full fill your thirst of science and technology and will give you fame and satisfactions.

Go to the Nasa’s opportunity web page and see all the links and pages on the site to find out the challenge and opportunity matching to you, read the term and conditions, eligibility and note the dead line date. Prove yourself and help the science to achieve……..

Inform me, or comment; if you participate in any of the NASA’S opportunity or challenge……and we all together will see the science while growing…. It’s The Zero Life hurry!!…… don’t miss the opportunity to help science.