Watch Live Broadcasting Of The Assembly/Construction Of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity, Online, Open For All.

Not to believe that a Space Agency is Live Broadcasting their employees working on the world’s top and important project. The Live broadcasting of the mission is open and free for all to watch/view. The space agency is none other than NASA. NASA is live broadcasting the assembly of next NASA’s Mars Robot (Rover), and it’s the world’s most technologically challenging interplanetary mission ever designed. Yes! I am not joking! You can watch Live Broadcasting of the technicians working and the construction of the feature Mars Rover known as the “Curiosity Rover”, of course it’s free of cost live broadcasting.

It’s the good news for many Science Freaks, with this broad casting idea, many people found there dream, becoming reality. Many people are interested in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Astronomy; and this project and the live broadcasting of the most important interplanetary mission of the Mars Rover is the mixture of everything. If you are a robot lover than I am sure that you will love to watch the Live Broadcasting of the construction, testing, and assembly of Mars Rover, “Curiosity Rover”. Curiosity is a car-sized Mars Rover.


I am Watching Live telecasting of the Nasa’s Mars Rover construction from last 3 days (some time live and some time recorded footage as per my convenience) and I am in love with the Curiosity, I got emotionally attached to the Mars Rover, and now I think that I can’t live without watching the live or the recorded footage of the Nasa’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover. Every day, I eagerly want to see the progress and changes in my Mars Robot; and I think that I will continue to watch and read Curiosity till Take off and then Landing on the Mars surface; and hope that NASA will also let me see the live footage of “Mars” through the eyes of Curiosity.

OK Without wasting any more time I am embedding here Live Video Broadcasting of assembly or construction of Mars Robot (Rover), Curiosity, technicians are working every day and hours.

Live Broadcasting Of The Assembly Of Nasa Mars Rover Curiosity, TheZeroLife.Com

Continuous live video of Mars Rover Curiosity construction is available at Ustream also you can view the Archive videos of the assembly of the Mars Rover; another live video link of Mars assembly is at Nasa Building Curiosity.

Live video broadcasting, can make you little depress, the reason is simple; spacecraft components and technicians may move out of view as work is spreaded around the room. The camera also may be turned off periodically for maintenance or due to technical issues. For hours you can see no movements at all. If you are a busy person but still a robotics enthusiast, scientist, engineer, fan and lover than I will suggest you to watch/view archive videos of the Mars Robot Curiosity assembly and construction every day. Watch Archive Videos at UStream.


Some specifications and Knowledge List about Mars Rover Curiosity:

  • Size of the Curiosity (Mars Rover) is 10 Feet long without including arm of the robot, 9 Feet wide and 7 Feet tall, really it’s very huge! Not like my home robot wandering here & there. Weight is about 900 Kg. / 2000 Pound approx.
  • Features and Instruments: Geology lab, rocker-bogie suspension, rock-vaporizing laser and lots of cameras to give us live view from the land of Mars.Mars_Rover_Curiosity_Techanicians_Working_On_Wheels(TheZeroLife.Com)
  • Mission and Objective: To search areas of Mars for past or present conditions favourable for life, and conditions capable of preserving a record of life, and to decide wither we could go there to live after few years.
  • More detailed document and PDF about Nasa’s Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity, like “Mars Science Laboratory Fact Sheet”, “Mars Science Laboratory Draft Environmental Impact Statement”, Power-Source Fact Sheets”, “Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator”, “Space Radioisotope Power Systems Safety”, “Radioisotope Power and Heating for Mars Surface Exploration”, and much more can be found on the NASA MSL NEWS ROOM go and get download of the Curiosity information.
  • For information about Curiosity’s power source and to obtain high-resolution images, interactive, video collection visit Nasa MSL Multimedia.
  • The Mars robot Curiosity is being assembled at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. The webcam, affectionately called "Curiosity Cam," provides the video feed, without audio, from a viewing gallery above the clean room floor (the assembly floor or the robot).The working days are Monday to Friday from 8 AM PDT.Mars_Rover_Wheel_Assembly(TheZeroLife.Com)
  • The launch of Mars Rover Curiosity may occur after one year between Nov. 25 and Dec. 18, 2011. Curiosity will arrive (land) on Mars in August 2012. Source: NASA.
  • The Mars Rover Curiosity will investigate the landing region has had environment favourable condition for supporting microbial life or not and preserving evidences. Curiosity will conduct every possible research which will help us to understand life on the Mars and many more.
  • More day by day (everyday) news can be found at NASA MSL Page and NASA Building Curiosity Page.

If you are more social, and social networking freak than you would like to track Mars Robot Curiosity step by step progress, mission and news on Twitter @ MarsCuriosity and if your home is on FaceBook and use to live their whole day than track the Mars Curiosity on FaceBook.

Do you know that the name “Curiosity” to the NASA’s Mars Rover is given by a little girl “Clara Ma” from “Kansas” READ MORE.

Keep watching the live broadcasting of assembly / construction of the Mars Rover Curiosity, and write me about your thoughts.

Also don’t forget to Send Your Name to the Microchip of the Mars Rover Curiosity READ MORE “How to send your name to Mars”; and check the NASA Opportunities and Challenges.