Share / Send Software, Music, Photos, Videos, Free To Your Friends And Family With Dropbox.

Want to share some Software, Music, Photos, Videos, and Documents etc. with your family, friends, and partners? Have you ever tried sending software or .exe files through E-mail? If you, than you may know that E-mails, do not allows .exe files to be sent. Ya there are many other methods to send software through e-mails. But why to do your hands dirty if you can send unlimited numbers of any Software, Photos, Videos, Music, Songs to your any number of friends, clients, family, relatives for Free and without any restrictions. There are many such methods available on the internet like file uploads, torrent, file shares etc. Some requires be become gold and silver member, some says to wait for 20 seconds and some 10, some says to click on the ads. etc.

Now you can send any number of files to any number of friends, you can send software, send photos, videos, pdf files, music etc. for free. It is nothing but “DropBox”. Dropbox use to make a box on yourDropbox (TheZeroLife.Com) computer, like your “My Documents”, “My Computer” etc.; the concept is very simple and sweet. You just have to ‘Drop’ any file or media to this ‘Box’ on your computer and tell your family or friends that you have kept that file their, into the ‘dropbox’; or send them link (file address/ file url/ file link) through e-mail or sms, or post that links to social networks (Orkut, Facebook, Twitter etc.), if you don’t have any problem making that link public; that’s all. Anybody clicking on that link will be able to get the file or software and can be downloaded for free at their ends.

Nice thing about DropBox is that you don’t have to open any website to upload your file or software. You can upload any file directly from your computer, by just copy/pasting any file to the Drop Box directory at your computer. You can remove any time the file which you are sharing from your computer and thus you can stop the file or software sharing to your friend and family very easily and as per your convenient. The links will become invalid or will show nothing (at your friend end) after removing the file from your dropbox directory/folder. Sharing anything is fun, and easy like A, B, C, D; isn’t it?

Here is more detail about the DropBox for beginners or for those who want to back up and sync files between computers and share files, software, songs, photos etc. to their employees, friends, and families for the first time using DropBox.

What is DropBox?

Dropbox is the name of a software on your computer, or mobile phone; which can connect/link all of your computers through a single folder called “DropBox”. It can synchronise, backup and share files and folders among your computers and friends. DropBox software or application on your computer/desktop continuously updates or syncs your Dropbox folder to the web (DropBox web site) and among your other computers or friends computers.

Thus on the Dropbox website you can access or download your own Desktop’s (Home computer’s), DropBox folder any ware any time free. Dropbox mobile website, and dropbox for mobile devices allows you to connect and carry your files, folders, songs, photos, software wherever you go; your single Dropbox folder will be available to everybody(only to those, whom you authorise or permits or adds as friends ) and everywhere.

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