How To Download, Install, Use And Get More Free Spaces For Dropbox.

If you had gone through my last article about “Dropbox” than you might be knowing; what is Dropbox, and what is the use of it. If you not than to more about dropbox visit What is Drop Box and what are the uses, send or share Software, Photos, Music, Documents, Videos with your all devices on the internet, friends, and families.

If you will install Dropbox on your computer or laptop, than you don’t have any more uploading of your files to any other website, sending mails with huge attachments to you friends or yourself, to send or share any types of files to your friends and family. Only thing you remember that the DropBox Free account gives you 2 GB of free space to share your files, and I don’t think that you will need more than this. However, you can get more free spaces i.e. Dropbox (TheZeroLife.Com)2GB+, by just sharing or posting DropBox referral on FaceBook or Twitter or with your friends and family, each sharing will contribute 128MB(can change with the Dropbox policies) of free space to your dropbox account. You can share, any documents between your any number of Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Desktops from anywhere.

oK let’s start Download and install dropbox to your computer; first of all visit Download DropBox , Click “Download Dropbox”. Let the drop box Desktop application Download into your computer, than Install Dropbox into your computer hard drive.

After downloading and installing Dropbox, it creates a Dropbox folder/directory, at > **Your User Name** > Dropbox_Taskbar_Shortcut_(TheZeroLife.Com)Documents > My Dropbox> (This address is for Windows user). You can find Dropbox shortcuts at four places into your computer, 1) On your desktop; 2) Right side bottom “Task bar”; 3) Into Start Button> All Programs> Dropbox; 4) Documents> My Dropbox.

Ok Now you got your dropbox folder. Now into this folder you will see “2 Folders (Photos, Public)” and one “Getting started pdf”. Read the Dropbox “Getting started PDF” carefully, just give some minutes to read and you won’t have to read it again. Now as per name assigns, photo folder is meant for photos and Public folder is meant for public, and I think you got my points. Dropbox Folders On PC (TheZeroLife.Com)

Below is the help from drop box, about these two folders, and it is enough to understand. And the first one is about Photos;

*Dropbox photo galleries allow you to share photos with anyone (even non-Dropbox users). These photos will be presented in a photo gallery that is viewable online.

Step 1: Make a folder inside the Photos folder, and give it a name (this will be the name of your photo gallery, on your online dropbox account)

Step 2: Put photos inside the folder you just created.

Wait for synchronisation of your photos/file on your online dropbox account (for this you will have to keep your internet connection ON till sync.). That’s it! Now you can view and share this photo gallery online by going to .

If you’d like more help with photo galleries on Dropbox, head to .

Note: Linking to galleries is limited to folders within your Photos folder. You also cannot link to the Photos folder itself.

*Now another one is about how to use Public folder in Dropbox:

The Public Folder lets you easily share single files in your Dropbox. Any file you put in this folder gets its own Internet link so that you can share it with others– even non-Dropbox users! These links work even if your computer’s turned off (but it should first synchronise your dropped file to your dropbox account on the web).

Step 1: Drop a file into the Public folder.

Step 2: Right-click (your mouse button for Windows & Linux users) / control-click (Mac) on this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies the Internet link to your file so that you can paste it somewhere else.

Now your file web link is already made and copied, you just have to past this copied link anywhere you want (please let your file first synchronise into your dropbox account on the internet, if file is bigger in size than it can take more time to sync. So keep your internet connection ON, till sync.).You can now share this file with others just by pasting (press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to past the copied link) the link into e-mails, instant message conversations, blogs, etc.

Now here you are free to remove your sharing files, songs, software etc. just you have to delete your files from your Dropbox folder on your computer. Deleting this shared file will invalid your shared links, and the person downloading your shared materials will not get further download of your file.

If you’d like more help with sharing files and using Public Folder of dropbox, visit

Note: You can only link to actual files within your Public Folder, not to folders. Thanks to Dropbox Team.

Read more about Dropbox Visit:

Share / Send Software, Music, Photos, Videos, Free To Your Friends And Family With Dropbox.

How To Use Dropbox, Share Folder To Friends And Some Imp. Points.