How To Use Dropbox, Share Folder To Friends And Some Imp. Points.

You may be knowing that what is Dropbox and its uses, How to use Dropbox and increase the free space on dropbox.

Here are some notifications (you can find this symbols or dropbox notifications at the Right side bottom corner of your computer) used in dropbox for your conveniences are:

Dropbox_Green_CircleNotification_(TheZeroLife.Com)The green circle and check mean Dropbox is fully synced.

Dropbox_Blue_ColourNotification_(TheZeroLife.Com)The blue circle and arrows mean Dropbox is currently synchronising; and files are getting uploaded or getting downloaded.

Dropbox_Red_ColourNotification_(TheZeroLife.Com)The red circle with an “X” means Dropbox is unable to sync. your files. Usually, this is because your storage quota is full on dropbox account (can’t upload), or your hard drive is full and there is no space to store your file on your computer while downloading, or you are experiencing connection problems to your internet, means you are not connected to internet and your files are not fully sync.

How to share a file to your friend and family, or how to share your dropbox folder to some one (clients, friends, family) you want.

Open the into your browser, login to your account, using your e-mail ID and password.

Click on the “Sharing” Tab after login to your dropbox account; than clink on the “Share a Folder” button as shown in the picture below;


You will be given two options (1) To create a new folder to share and (2) or you want to share the existing folder. If you want to create a new folder to be shared than, choose the option 1 and next screen will give you the option to create a new folder and to give name; or if you want to share existing folder than choose the option 2, and select the folder for sharing.


Now it’s time to enter the E-mail address of your client or friend or of your family and some your loving words. As shown in picture below, that’s it. Dropbox_Share_Folder_Email_Invite_(TheZeroLife.Com)

You can also see your shared folders, in the Files Tab and also you can invite as many friends or clients as you can. You are free do unshare your shared folder, and also to your friend. Its your file/folder that’s why you are free to delete your shared folder any time you want.

Some Important facts to know about Dropbox are as below:

Dropbox is free to use, the free space you get is 2GB (it can be increased in the near feature) and I think is sufficient for home users. If you need more space than you visit to to know the plans as per your requirements. Keep in mind your internet monthly limits of GB (free uses).

You can check your available free space on your dropbox account at .

Speed of your file synchronisation is dependent on your internet connection. Dropbox will download as fast or as slow as your network allows.

Dropbox can only sync. your changes in files on your dropbox internet account. If it sees that the file is already been uploaded, the file you are uploading; it will not upload / download the whole file again, it will only upload/download the changes into your files. Thus dropbox saves your internet data uses.

Dropbox file sharing/transmissions and login to the account is secure, it uses SSL and encrypts the file with AES-256. In short these are the security standards followed by the banks and military, for their data protections.

The only word I want to tell you that, start using, dropbox as per your convenience, and you will learn every thing about dropbox, Dropbox has many uses, its up to you how you want to use it. Start using dropbox, share everything you want.

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